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March is here and I am mentally preparing myself for an incredibly busy “event” season this month!

Stacy-London1Thinking about…“A Culture of Extraordinary” by Stacy London. I have been a fan of Stacy London since her “What Not to Wear” TV show. Her attitude about style and fashion are realistic and refreshing. She is genuine and caring in her new show, “Love, Lust or Run” which has an even more powerful message. Her lessons on the show are clearly about empowerment, feeling good and not just looking good. The article that she wrote has an interesting perspective on the current digital age. “We, as a culture, have a deep-seated need to be liked, validated, and prized, even to the point of being willing to turn the most mundane or the most private of things into grist for the digital mill.” I found it interesting and it made me stop and think about the world we’re living in today.

Heading to…. I’ve been asked to participate in the Pilot Club of Titusville’s fashion show luncheon, “Pretty Woman Goes to New York City” on March 21 at LaCita Country Club. Proceeds benefit the Women’s Center and the Brevard Alzheimer’s Foundation. I am happy to support this cause and hope you’ll consider supporting them as well. Email Lily Renzetti at for information and tickets.

Don’t miss out on any events, visit

Loving…Rent the Runway. On the same fashion note, I absolutely love this service and know I’ll be using it frequently in the next few months. If you haven’t heard about it, you must check it out. The website offers customers the ability to rent from thousands of designer styles, including dresses, jewelry, handbags and accessories. The site recently has offered a new “unlimited” subscription that I’m pretty excited about.

Looking forward to… March Madness. Another kind of madness takes place this month and believe it or not, I love watching college basketball. I get caught up in the excitement of March Madness almost every year. It has already been an exciting season so I’m looking forward to seeing more.