A few money and time saving tips to check before you call a professional from
Duron Smith, president of Duron Smith A/C & Heat, Inc.

Before temperatures begin to drop, you should turn on your heater for a test so you know if there are any issues that need a professional’s attention.

Some heating systems will smell like there is something burning when you first turn them on.  This is dust burning off the heading coils or furnace and that is completely normal. The smell should go away within 15 to 30 minutes. If it doesn’t, shut it off and call a professional. When the time comes to heat your home, you’ll know what to expect after it has been tested.

Do you know where your electrical breakers are? Check to see if the breaker for the unit is set; if it looks out of place from the other breakers push it with some effort to the off position (to reset it) then back on to get the unit running again. If it trips again right away, you want to leave it off and **Cool from any mobile device to call Duron Smith A/C & Heat, Inc. directly.

The best defense against heating problems is to make sure your system is maintained year-round. Having heating equipment serviced by a reputable company like Duron Smith A/C & Heat, Inc. twice a year could reduce your heating bill and prevent costly repairs and replacements in the future.

Another simple tip is to change your air conditioner filter monthly to ensure that your family is breathing cleaner air and your system is not being overworked. Some filters may last longer but this could save you energy and money.

You can improve your ability to warm your home even without your heat by turning your ceiling fans in reverse and on low when you’re in the room so that they can circulate the warm air found near your ceilings. You can also open up your curtains or shutters and use the sun’s light to warm your home.

When entertaining during the holidays, lower the thermostat a degree or two before the guests arrive. That way, you won’t overheat. Open the windows on pleasantly cool days, dress in layers and enjoy the brief reprieve from the Florida heat.

All equipment manufacturers require routine service to honor the factory warranty. Duron Smith A/C & Heat, Inc. has a service agreement that exceeds factory recommendations and will assure your system is working to its highest efficiency and performance.

Duron Smith A/C & Heat, Inc. offers customers a “Elite Comfort Club” membership program which entitles them to absolute priority service (no additional charge for weekend or after hour service calls), discounts (10 percent off all parts and labor on repairs), and peace of mind. The purpose of this plan is to provide customers with enhanced equipment safety and efficiency as well as extend the life of their equipment.

Duron Smith A/C & Heat, Inc. is a state licensed (#CAC057357) air conditioning and heating company serving Brevard County, servicing all brands of air conditioning, heating, and commercial refrigeration equipment. 1401 N. Cocoa Blvd., Cocoa (321) 452-3553 or **Cool from any mobile device,

This article appears in the December 2014 issue of SpaceCoast Living.
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