Trouble Shooting Air Conditioning during the Summer Months

As the summer temperatures start to rise, homeowners often forget to consider their home’s air conditioning system and how wonderful it is on a hot day here in Florida. That is until that moment when you realize the air conditioner is not working…

Conquer your A/C anxiety with a few money saving tips to check before you call a professional like Duron Smith, president of Duron Smith A/C & Heat.

1. When was the last time you changed your air filter? Yes, it can be that simple. If your filter is really dirty, change it. Do not run the unit without the filter. Sometimes a dirty filter will cause the unit to freeze up (you will see ice by the Freon lines.) If this happens, turn the thermostat to the off position and the fan to the on position to thaw the unit out. Caution: you may have some water leakage. After a couple of hours and a new air filter, you can set the thermostat back to normal and give the system some time to recover. You just avoided a service call.

2. Go to your thermostat and be sure that the setting is correct. Is there a battery icon showing? If the battery icon is showing you can change the batteries and the problem is solved.

3. Do you know where your electrical breakers are? Check to see if the breaker for the air conditioner is set, if it looks out of place from the other breakers push it with some effort to the off position (to reset it) then back on and that will get the unit running again. This happens on occasion with passing storms and the electricity goes on and off. If it trips again right away, you want to leave it off and call Duron Smith A/C & Heat.

4. Most units have a safety switch in the drain line at the air handler. The drain line can clog up and shut the system down on this (float switch.) You will find it by the wires coming out of the top of it. Most of the time it is a white plug. If you lift it out of the connection and if it is full of water, you have located the problem. All you need to do is connect a wet/dry shop vacuum to the drain line outside and clear
the line.

These are very common issues that you can resolve quickly yourself. All equipment manufacturers require routine service to honor the factory warranty. Duron Smith A/C & Heat has a service agreement that exceeds factory recommendations and will assure your system is working to its highest efficiency and performance.

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