By: Erica K. Daniels

Photography by: Rob Downey

Home is most often an extension of the homeowner. Be it humble or grandiose, cookie-cutter or custom, the consideration that goes into designing a home reflects the soul of its inhabitants. The home of Jim and Katherine Musick, located in the La Cita neighborhood of Titusville, emanates Mediterranean elegance and beauty that has been carefully blended with the family’s warmth and sincerity.

The Musick home was custom-built in 2006 based on a plan they found during an online search. “We both love the Spanish home architecture. We actually found our plan on a site called As soon as we saw it, it wasn’t difficult to decide that this was the home for us,” Jim explains. “We did not change the outside a bit. We absolutely loved it. For the inside, we made a lot of modifications to make the home work for us.”

Jim is co-owner and general manager of La Cita Golf & Country Club; Katherine is director of catering at the club. The couple enjoys the La Cita neighborhood because of its central location and easy access to beautiful beaches. Having played golf from a young age, Jim says that it is a lifelong game and he loves everything about the sport. “I’ve been involved in all aspects of golf. I could play golf forever,” he confesses. So, it makes sense that the Musick oasis overlooks the fourth fairway of La Cita Country Club.

Home on the green

The airy, single-story floor plan is welcoming and confirms the couple’s position that their home is meant to be comfortable. “We did not want a formal living room. That’s not our style. It’s just wasted space. We wanted a family room that is homey,” says Jim.

Generous windows throughout the home allow plenty of natural illumination. Katherine’s choice to forego window treatments also ensures a clean, precise view from almost every room in the house. “The design of the kitchen wasn’t important for me. The view from the kitchen is. I love this view,” she says while scanning the panoramic vista.

Infused with classic Mediterranean elements, like colors that mimic nature, sweeping archways, columns and wall niches, the interior also has several special features which are uniquely theirs. “We took a piece of every tile in this house, hammered them to small pieces, then used them to make a mosaic frame around the fireplace in our bedroom,” Katherine describes.

The striped, textured wall, which is another focal point of the master bedroom, was a “do-it-yourself” idea that Katherine decided to bring to life in one of her favorite rooms. “If we can do it ourselves, we do. I love finding creative DIY ideas and experimenting with them. I really love the look of this room. I am constantly rearranging and repositioning things in the other rooms, but I’m really satisfied with the way our bedroom looks and feels,” Katherine says.

The cabinetry in the Musick home was custom-designed to fit Katherine’s maxim, “everything in its place.” The master bathroom, with its warm Earthen tones, features symmetrical his and hers vanities and cabinets. Some towels are rolled and neatly tucked in a cubby, while other toiletries are kept clandestine inside their own special space. All of the cabinets and shelves throughout the house are both fabulous and functional. Whether the cabinet harbors typical “junk drawer” items or proudly displays their extensive book collection, nothing in this home is haphazard.

“The wine cabinet is my favorite custom piece in the house. I designed it from pictures that I tore out of magazines. The glass doors allow us to display the glasses, but the piece also includes cabinets to hide things and keep everything in its place,” she chirps.

A place for everyone

Of course, keeping everything in its place has some challenges. In the Musick home, their names are Lileean and Emma. “They are typical teenagers,” Katherine says with a smile. Lileean and Emma share a Jack and Jill bathroom that opens into both of their rooms. “Their rooms are their sanctuaries and they do reflect their individual personalities; but occasionally I have to remind them to pick up and put everything in its place.”

When the home was originally built, the girls were included in color and decorative decisions about their spaces. “They enjoy re-doing their rooms. Each of them has gone through three transformations since the original look,” says Katherine.

Though their bedrooms are currently under “re-construction,” it appears that Lileean is transitioning from her pretty-in-pink stage into a more mature and sophisticated theme. And, Emma is aspiring toward a more regal mauve motif.

The girls also share a understated study station, located in the hallway outside their bedrooms. The space is personalized with photos, award ribbons, stickers and trinkets which exhibit each girl’s personal preferences. Just on the other side of the desk area is a very special “wall of fame,” featuring photos of the Musick family in a variety of breathtaking locales throughout the world.

A special place was carved out for Jim when Katherine converted one of the bedrooms into a television room and office. The space also proudly displays Jim’s golf memorabilia, including photos and autographs of golf greats: Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer and Tiger Woods.

Outdoor entertaining

Before you step out onto the patio, two furry family members race you to the glass doors to claim first place to their favorite homeland destination. “Gus and Max love it out here,” Katherine explains. And, who wouldn’t?

Sharing nature and fellowship with family and friends is synonymous with Mediterranean culture. The Musick’s outdoor area is perfectly suited for just that. The curvaceous swimming pool, with its crystal blue persuasion, beckons you to come in and test the water. While a cozy fire pit with bench seating promises warmth and ambiance on cool evenings. “It’s a great place to gather, chat and drink wine with friends,” says Jim. From sunbathing to roasting s’mores, the deck area is definitely a crowd-pleaser. Just ask Gus and Max.

Home is …

For Jim and Katherine, at the heart of home is family. “Home is where your family is. It’s where you feel most comfortable,” says Jim. Katherine continues, “It’s a sanctuary, a safe haven where memories are created. For my kids, I want home to be a place where they want to be and hang out with their friends. Our home is filled with love.”