By Brenden Martin

Hillary Urban makes golfing more female-friendly while helping the fight against breast cancer.

The game of golf is constantly changing and evolving. As time goes on, more and more women are making an impact on the game. The changes can be seen from the biggest stage on the LPGA Tour to right here in Brevard County.

The Assistant Golf Professional at Duran Golf Club is a woman by the name of Hillary Urban. Hillary has been playing golf since the age of five. Inspired by her father, she takes pride in how she has thrived in what is typically viewed as a male dominated sport.

duran-golf-club“It was tough to be looked at as a talented female golfer,” Hillary said. “I was just another boy.” She was the only female to play on her high school golf team; she then earned a scholarship to play golf for Davenport University in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

What drives Hillary to have success in her career is the opportunity to grow the sport for young girls and also the older generation of lady golfers. Duran is home to over 100 female members and hosts five different clinics and leagues created specifically for women. Hillary enjoys working with young girls and ladies who are just beginning, and developing their skills to the point when they are comfortable playing with their families or in tournaments.

“Golf doesn’t have to be looked at as something for men only. Women are more dedicated once they set their minds to something.”

“Girls can be just as good as the boys. The more we get girls out here to experience Duran and experience golf, the better you can get at it,” she said.

Duran’s facilities include an 18-hole championship course, the Tradewinds Restaurant, and the Development Center, which has been voted one of the Top-50 practice facilities in the country by the GRAA (Golf Range Association of America.) Duran Golf Club in Viera has been voted the top public golf course in Brevard County by SpaceCoast Living. Duran hosts over 300 events yearly including tournaments, weddings, banquets, parties and socials. The proceeds from many of Duran’s events are donated to various charities.

In January, Duran hosts the annual Pink Ribbon Classic where over 100 golfers arrive showing their support for the fight against breast cancer. They are sent off to their starting holes in a sea of pink. It is just one of many golf tournaments that help raise money for a specific cause held at Duran. In 2015, the Melbourne Chamber of Commerce held their marathon tournament and raised over $35,000. Part of Hillary’s job is to help build and run golf tournaments for women who want to raise money for specific charities or other opportunities that can help out the community.

Golf is a great way to exercise and socialize with friends and family but most importantly it is a great way to have fun.

Duran Golf Club | 7032 Stadium Parkway, Viera | DuranGolf.com | (321) 504-7776

This article appears in the October 2015 issue of SpaceCoast Living.
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