Best of the Best

On a daily basis, the staff here at SpaceCoast Living conducts business using our mission of “celebrating and inspiring the best of Brevard County.” This not only gives us purpose in how we conduct our business, but in how we conduct our personal lives as well. We love Brevard County and enjoy sharing the stories of people, places, events and the organizations that make the Space Coast – what we believe to be – the best place in the country to live, work and raise a family.

Every year, we ask our readers for their input in helping us share their favorites around the county in our annual “Best of the Space Coast” feature. Hundreds of you provided your recommendations through online polls, email and social media for everything from “Best New Restaurant” to “Favorite Places for a Date Night.”

It’s always interesting to review the readers’ results and compare their responses from previous years. It’s especially exciting to see new businesses appear among your favorites – a sign of our robust and expanding local economy.

One trend we were happy to see was a tendency to pick locally-owned businesses over national chains. Again, this is not only a sign of our recovering local economy, but also shows our community pride in supporting our neighbors and ensuring jobs and taxes stay here on the Space Coast where they can contribute to our quality of life.

As someone who tries to take advantage of all Brevard has to offer, this annual poll always reminds me of places I need to revisit or see for the first time. For example, there are a few new restaurants on the list that I’ve yet to experience, as well as a couple of beaches and places to watch wildlife I need to check out (Note to self: relax more and take in the local scenery)!

Also this month, we introduce you to some hardworking and inspiring men in our community. Dads, sons, brothers, grandfathers and husbands – these are “Men We Admire” and hope you will too. Our thanks to Mark Pieloch, who in his “spare time” is building the American Muscle Car Museum in Melbourne, and was kind enough to invite this month’s featured men to a preview of this amazing collection as part of our cover story photo shoot.

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there – your love, leadership and inspiration helps mold future generations. And to those of us who have lost our dad, may their memories be bright and our hearts warmed as we remember them on their special day.

Josh Field, publisher