Oh how times have changed.  In 1900, the average life expectancy was fifty years of age. Now 50 is fab, and this generation is active and has big plans for their future.  So with the prevention of heart disease, osteoporosis and Type 2 diabetes just an added bonus to leading a full and active life, here are what some local “50 somethings” are doing to stay young.

Pat Renish

Pat is training for her first triathlon in Sept.  She has run countless full and half marathons and placed in her age group at this year’s Melbourne Art Festival 5k.

Pat’s Routine:

“I work out almost every day, sometimes twice per day; I run 4 days, teach spinning 2 days per week, I lift weights 2-3 days per week and I take Pilates and Yoga.”

“I should take more time off than I do, but it is hard to stop doing what you love.  I have learned over the years to take breaks, cut miles and cross train.  Recovery takes longer than it used to.  My goal is to be running when I am 90 – it is a tremendous physical and mental release.  It is my time to meditate, problem solve, or be social.”

Advice: Keep moving.  Find your bliss and go with it!


Oct-50-JMJoni McClure

Joni is an equestrian who enjoys riding 4-5 days per week. A neck injury keeps her from doing everything she did when she was younger, but she has learned to exercise wisely.

Joni’s Routine:

“I do resistance training once per week and do a group weight training class and a spinning class each week. I also walk 2 days a week for 45 minutes. I want to actively enjoy my grandkids. Core strength is important to me to keep my balance and gait steady.”

Advice: Don’t think, just get it done; you’ll always feel better and enjoy a sense of well being when you are finished.

Joel Boyd

Joel uses exercise to maintain the balance between his professional responsibilities as a lawyer with Boyd Marks, and his civic responsibilities at the Chamber of Commerce. “I would like to continue to be involved in everything that I enjoy. Exercise gives me an outlet and provides me the energy that I need to keep up.”

Joel’s Routine:

Joel exercises 4 days per week. He spends 2 days on resistance training, flexibility and core strength; He joins a spinning class and plays racquetball once a week.

“I want to maintain an active lifestyle. I see commercials on TV for motorized scooters and I realize that I don’t want that to be dependent on something like that.”

Advice: Find something you enjoy doing because it’s important at this age to be disciplined and consistent. Working with a trainer made me realize that warming up, cooling down and focusing on flexibility is important now too.