The “man cave.” The phrase might make some wives shudder but it is possible to use the latest technology and incorporate attractive design for a space that is all his own.

Joe Nelson from Connected Technology suggests starting with a basic question — what type of environment are you looking to create? A large room for socializing, a quiet space to get away? As the owner of Connected Technology in Melbourne, he creates customized solutions for clients at the best possible value.

Liz Harris, from Designers West Interiors, agrees with Joe. “First you have to consider the function desired. Some man caves are game rooms, music rooms, some are home theatres, some are trophy rooms for hobbies, or activities, or a combination of all of the above.”

Next, think about how you want to personalize the room or maybe you want a theme.

“I take my cues from the homeowner but there are many themes,” Liz explains. “Some themes come from places the owner has traveled to and really enjoyed a culture or an event. Some themes are based around a hobby, like cycling or golfing, etc.”

It is also common that many of these spaces have to have multiple functions. Many times man caves double as a media room and bar room.

“Compromises are common place. In some man caves, designed for a man, a wife will negotiate her desire for one chair, for her to come in and talk with him for just a short time. Otherwise the room is designated as his ‘get-away,’” according to Liz.

Joe has a few other considerations for homeowners:

  • Do you want to isolate the sound from the rest of the house — room acoustics?
  • Are you an ‘audiophile’ with an appreciation for high-end sound?
  • How much automation are you looking for? The wow factor
  • Finally — what’s your budget?

“I really stress a team approach on this as technology needs specific space requirements,” Liz said. “An audio visual system needs to be specified and then worked into the entire scheme. For example, speakers need to be determined, including their placement position and size, to be built-in. With TVs being very streamlined and movie screens retractable, most equipment is kept out of view. This means a lot of planning to have the space customized for this equipment.”

By keeping this equipment out of sight, it allows many of these man caves to have multi-functions for multiple people. By not always having the equipment in full view, it allows for a theme to be more fully developed and displayed.

With various technologies, construction methods and materials available, possibilities are usually only constrained by the homeowner’s budget, timeframe and imagination.

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