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Grandma Lena’s Josephinas

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By Rebecca Meyer When the name Josephina was mentioned at my grandma’s house, everyone got excited and hurried to the table to sit down for dinner at 6 p.m. We thought that a blonde lady with bright red lipstick from…


Reservations | Capt’n Butcher’s

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By Steven Hicks We’re told life isn’t about the destination, it is about the journey. But if you’ll choose to take it down a notch, get off of Interstate 95 and cruise U.S. 1 to Sebastian, you’ll see real Florida…


It’s Lunch Time!

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By Rebecca Meyer The month of August is here and reminds me of the days when my daughter was young and anticipating going back to school. Her favorite time was school shopping, which was an exciting and well-planned event. It…


Reservations | Pineda Crossing Bar & Grill

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Comfort Food at a Comfortable Place  Two years ago, if we were to write about Pineda Crossing, we’d be writing about a place most know or at least know of — a local standout of 20-plus years, known for their…


For the Love of Apple Pie

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by Rebecca Meyer Apple pie is my saving grace and I will tell you why. It is what I call the ultimate comfort food — the dish that crosses all cultural boundaries. My Italian mom always made a delicious apple…


Another Cup of Coffee, Please!

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By Mallorie Ann Ingram Coffee. The most important meal of the day. Well, let me start over. Coffee. The most critical start to the day — that’s better. To all you coffee lovers, you’re catching my drift. For those of…


Sergio’s Tacos | Reservations

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By Steven Hicks  There is an old joke, maybe an adage, about avoiding gas station sushi. Maybe it was an antacid commercial. Whatever the source, you get the idea. Some things just don’t go together. But what happens when that…


Squid Lips | Reservations

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“We want to be who we are; we want Squid Lips to be that place where you can leave your problems in the parking lot and come in here and pretend you’re somewhere else—maybe the Florida Keys.”  – Buz Underill,…