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Spirit of the Space Coast: Nancy Dillen

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A Heart for Art Nancy Dillen is a prolific artist and former art professor who is truly passionate about the arts. She not only loves creating beautiful art, but she is also driven to do her part to support and…


Inspiring the Art of Motion

Arts & Community

The Dance Zone has been inspiring and training dancers for 25 years. Directors Jody Schur and Lori Spencer Gust strive to give every student an experience that will make an impact on their lives forever. Whether the student chooses a…


Brevard’s Growing Silver Screen

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By Craig Chapman Brevard County has a virtual silver screen floating over it that is swimming with acting and filmmaking talent. Let’s name just a few you may have heard of: Jorja Fox from the hugely popular CSI series, Darrell…


The Mural Project

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There is a rich vibrancy running through Melbourne’s downtown historic districts courtesy of a mural initiative facilitated by the Eau Gallie Arts District (EGAD) and Melbourne Main Street programs. Kicked off by EGAD, and under the guidance of local artists…


It’s the Art that Moves You

Arts & Community

By Suzanne Fox Sevel Melbourne has become an artistic hub, a destination in itself, with various pockets of creative types living, working and making their mark not just in our city, but throughout the world. Just stroll down Highland Avenue,…


New Hope for Familes of Children with Autism

Arts & Community

by Josh Field Puzzle Box Academy Provides Answers, Options and Choices The signs may be there but oftentimes go undetected or undiagnosed before a parent, relative or friend notices something “different” with the child. It may start as a lack…


Hooked on Lacrosse

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Sport Gaining Popularity Across the Space Coast We’ve all seen the news and heard the stories. According to the DatalysCenter (, football will account for 37% of all sports-related concussions in practice and competition. Some of us have even lived…


Dog Days of Summer

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Now that the summer heat is firmly upon the Space Coast, we need to make sure we are keeping cool — and we must remember about our furry companions too. With the rising temperatures, our pets depend on us to…


Sit. Stay. Good Dog!

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  Like children, dogs need to learn how to behave. Whether it’s potty training, walking on a leash or assisting the disabled, many of these skills and habits are not instinctual but rather learned. That’s why Off Leash K9 Training…