SpaceCoast Living reader Kimberlywas up for the challenge! We asked fans of our Facebook page to send us photos of their skin concerns for a chance to look years younger in only 90 days utilizing a customized comprehensive treatment plan and product system designed by Dr. Anita Saluja, Health First Medical Group.

The lucky reader selected was Kimberly, who grew up in Brevard County and is 40 years old. Her skin concern was her brown discoloration (hyperpigmentation).

“We treated facial skin hyperpigmentation on Kimberly — brown discoloration that can be due to excess sun exposure, hormonal changes such as pregnancy or birth control pill use, and/or genetic tendency (family history).” Dr. Saluja explained. “We also put Kimberly on products helpful for anti-aging and health of skin.”

The Reveal Imager from Canfield helps customize treatments for skincare patients. The medical aesthetician takes a photograph of your skin, and the Reveal Imager captures this visual information about the skin’s surface and subsurface. Then skin conditions are able to be evaluated like pigmentation, sun damage, wrinkles, acne and outline a specific treatment plan to improve these conditions. Another Reveal Image is taken at each follow up visit to follow skin improvement.

So what does Kimberly think?

“I am absolutely thrilled with the progress that was made to help the hyperpigmentation on my cheeks,” she said. “After starting the SkinMedica regimen that Dr. Saluja recommended, I noticed a big difference in just a few weeks. My friends started noticing, too! The best part is that I am no longer spending time and money on expensive concealers and foundations trying to mask the dark spots.”

Additionally, Debbi Dobson, medical aesthetician performed a Vitalize chemical peel on Kimberly to help lift pigment and exfoliate/stimulate the skin and Seema Jones, the light/laser physician assistant, performed one intense pulsed light photorejuvation treatment on Kimberly to diminish brown patches and stimulate collagen.

“The results went way beyond my expectations,” Kimberly said. “I had years and years of damaged and pigmented skin on my face that disappeared right before my eyes. I would have never believed it if someone would have told me that I would have such wonderful new skin in only 90 days!”

“Dr. Saluja and her team are wonderful. They were all very nice and so professional. They answered all of my questions and made sure that I was comfortable every step of the way.”

Key products (from SkinMedica) in Kimberly’s at —  home skin brightening regimen included:

-Vitamin C & E: Improves the appearance of skin tone, texture and firmness and fights free radicals in the skin
-AHA/BHA Cream: Exfoliates skin, improves the appearance of skin texture, tone and smoothness
-Tri-Retinol Cream: diminishes the appearance of fine lines, promotes skin exfoliation to enhance tone, texture and improves skin firmness -Epiquin Micro: prescription cream used to brighten skin and lighten brown spots and patches
-Daily sunscreen SPF30 with zinc oxide: 100% mineral formulation