Just as in fashion, the latest interior design trends are always changing. Some are brand new, some have come back into style after a brief hibernation, and some have stood the test of time. The details of a design plan, more specifically the window treatments and coverings, are no exception to these trends, so we thought we’d take a look at some of the latest fads in window designs.

Design wise, there are a wide range of options when it comes to trends, covering everything from blinds and shades to curtains and drapes. Blinds made from organic materials, such as bamboo and wood, have emerged as a popular choice, offering a warm, cozy look that still provides privacy. Roman shades, while they have been in fashion for a while, are still a go-to option for many, providing simple, clean lines that compliment almost any décor.

Trends in curtains and draperies offer a similar diversity. Simple designs with pops of color, particularly reds and blues, have seen a rise in popularity, while at the same time demand for rich, lavish fabrics like velvet and silk has seen a resurgence. Bold patterns, from stripes to florals, and combinations of patterns have also gained popularity in recent years.

These trends are not just limited to aesthetic elements, but extend to the available technology as well. Motorized window coverings offer convenience as well as safety for any families with children or pets who might get tangled in cords, while energy-efficient panels conserve costs and keep your home cooler. Some curtains even boast mildew- and mold- resistant fabrics for those with allergies.

We may not all be trend-setters, or even trend-followers, but taking a look at some of the latest ideas in both design and technology for window coverings can be a great starting point for ideas when decorating your own home. When tackling projects like this, turn to Blinds of All Kinds in Rockeledge for help choosing the right designs for your space. 

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