by Craig Chapman, photography by Craig Chapman and Ian Hunter

Flowers are one of the most important, yet often overlooked, elements in a wedding. They can add touches of elegance and emotion to a wedding, but picking the right color palette and style can be a daunting decision. Pulling your floral components together into one beautiful chorus can be done with a neutral palette of simple green and white arrangements across the board; they are the perfect choice that’s right on trend for the coming year.

Christi Brown, owner of Violets in Bloom and Roses Are Red florists says, “This type of look is very Victorian influenced. In England you had tons of greens with very little flowers. Generally they kept it very light — whites and creams mixed in with the greens.”

This very open, classic, and soft style still needs to have visual volume Christi explains: “Your arrangements need to be big, full, and have a very lush feeling.” This is a look that can be easily accomplished using thoughtfully placed white and cream colored flowers amongst well-chosen lush greens.

“White and green is right on trend but also timeless and classic, especially for home weddings. Keeping the tones subtle helps bring everything together.” –Maria Storman

flowers2“Bright, vibrant bridesmaid dresses, eclectic furniture and decor, and place settings are all united by more neutral floral elements. But even though white flowers are on trend, we love our brides with more colorful vibes as well, and we’ve got plenty of options for them too,” Violets in Bloom Manager and Designer Maria Storman adds.

To further add to the fullness of your arrangements, everything should be grouped says Christi: “You don’t want to have a lot of ones or twos. Your centerpieces should be grouped by table to add some consistency and make it look more designed. You could also use different containers but be sure to use similar flowers throughout, this way you have something that carries through.”

Delicate touches can really make a home wedding feel extravagant. Christi suggests, “A nice touch for smaller homes is to just order an extra five to ten arrangements of different sizes so you can place them throughout the house.” Places like the bathroom, kitchen, and living areas are great for these extra arrangements. “Make them all different. You can even utilize your own glassware just to add a personal touch.”

Adding a bit of “Wow factor” to the mix is another simple thing you can do by incorporating your greens, whites, and creams into large urns in front of your house for a nice entranceway. This immediate impression will set the tone for the rest of your wedding.

Following these simple suggestions and using a neutral color palette throughout your floral arrangements will keep you on trend and make your wedding a classic, timeless, and memorable occasion for everyone.


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