Are you a fan of shabby chic and rustic design? By. Gillian Rixey

If so, burlap is a must-have design tool for any creative person thinking of incorporating burlap into their wedding theme. A burlap-themed wedding adds an element of the natural to your memorable day. If you’re a crafty person, burlap accessories are easy to do yourself, and the material is inexpensive and cheerful, too.

3 Ideas for a burlap-themed wedding that will truly bring out the barn dancer in you!

1. Table Runner

Complemented with old-fashioned candles, complete with dripping wax, a burlap table runner will really set the scene for the overall theme and draw people’s eyes to the settings. Burlap goes perfectly with anything that has an antique or vintage vibe. For example, a perfect centerpiece for a burlap table runner is a vintage watering can filled with dried flowers.

2. Corsages

The bridal party is going to look magnificent when you adorn them with burlap corsages. The burlap can act as the backdrop to a cream rose accented with pearls, or you can get super crafty and make burlap flowers to act as the focal point. When we think of burlap, we often assume it always comes in a beige, sandy color. Did you know you can actually buy burlap in a range of colors? Imagine how coordinated things will look if you match your burlap corsages to the principal color of your overall theme. A burlap-themed wedding doesn’t have to be in neutral colors.

3. Bouquet Wrap

We all know weddings involve a lot of bouquet carrying, for both the bride and bridesmaids. Now you can tie your bouquets with burlap and match them to the other burlap accessories you’ve designed. Again, don’t worry that your bright pink roses won’t match the neutrality, because you can incorporate as much color as you like with this versatile material.