Villa Tropicale, the Merritt Island home of Dr. Ross and Dani Clevens, reflects the couple’s love of art, travel, and most importantly-family.

“We used to drive by this house when we lived in the Cloisters”, Dani recalls, “and we thought how much it looked like it just fit perfectly in this tropical setting. The Mediterranean styling was so unique looking, and when you walked in and saw the vast expanse of the backyard and the incredible living space, we just loved it.”

So 11 years ago the couple bought the home, built in 1971, and began renovations soon after they moved in. Five years later they did some additional remodeling. “After living here for awhile we realized there were some things we wanted to change. The couple, married for 23 years, met while freshmen at Yale University and their family history is displayed in photographs throughout the house. Creating a “home” has always been the most important factor in decorating says Dani. “With two kids (18–year-old Bernie and 16-year-old Max) and three dogs “this is a house that is lived in. The kids and their friends come in from playing basketball out back and can just relax-to me that’s what a house is.”

Dr. Ross and Dani Clevens will host a cocktail party at their home November 11 to benefit the Women’s Center. For more information about the event that will feature local artists and a wine tasting, visit

Oh The Places You’ll Go

“When we travel we purchase art,” says Dani. “Statues, bronzes, paintings, you name it. The house is a conglomeration of local artists, art show purchases and what we picked up on our travels.”

  • Africa
  • Paris
  • The Bahamas
  • Connecticut
  • Hawaii
  • Montana
  • Patagonia. Sedona
  • The Grand Canyon

“”I’m actually running out of wall space,” says Dani