With one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions being “to get in shape” there are a lot of people across the Space Coast that will be pushing hard and fast this January to make that statement a reality.

By Raymond J. DeLorenzi, MD, FAAOS

Over the next few weeks there are a few trends that you can easily spot across our county that are directly correlated with this type of health-focused resolution. Number one: the normally empty gyms are now packed. Number two: the local grocery stores’ produce and organic food aisles are more crowded as well as picked over. Finally, the DeLorenzi Orthopaedic Center (DOC) office sees an increase in accidental injuries that can be caused by even the best of healthy intentions.

According to the National Academy of Sports Medicine, pain and injury are the two most common reasons people stop working out. Individuals who are just starting out or people who are trying to “get back” into their physical fitness routines have the highest probability of injury within the first few weeks of initializing training. So, in order to truly stay on track with your fitness goal this year, avoiding an injury at the outset should be the first phase of implementing your New Year’s resolution.

The list below demonstrates a few things that we believe everyone should keep in mind while you pursue your new re-invigoration or re-commitment to your fitness goals.

Stay Hydrated – In Florida we are subjected to a higher average temperature than other climates. As people begin to add physical activity to their daily routine, they often overlook the additional loss of fluids through perspiration. Staying hydrated will help keep your muscles from becoming overly sore or strained.

Increase Your Workout Gradually – We believe in the 10 percent rule here at the DOC. As you start a new workout routine, try not to increase more than 10 percent in weight/duration, etc., as you become more accustomed to performing the fitness activity.

Seek Professional Guidance – There is nothing worse than walking into a gym or fitness center and feeling intimidated. Take some time, speak to the training staff, maybe even sign-up for a few sessions with a personal trainer to help get you more familiar with the equipment and learn proper techniques. Always remember, everyone starts out not knowing “the ropes.” So you aren’t the first and you won’t be the last person to have questions.

Always Warm Up Before/Cool Down After – Most injuries occur in the initial minutes of activity. Take a few minutes and begin warming up your muscles by doing whatever activity you are about to undertake at a very soft/slow pace. Also, stretching before and after is vitally important to avoid injury and soreness.

Rest – Rest days should be built into your training schedule as working out too much or too long can lead
to over-training and excessive soreness that could derail your progress.

This year as you set out to achieve your fitness goals, just remember that physical fitness isn’t something that you can achieve overnight. Physical health and well-being are all tied to an ongoing, day-to-day, and committed focus on achieving an active and healthy lifestyle.

If your resolution has any kind of fitness goal associated with it, we highly recommend that you consult with your physician before beginning any kind of fitness routine.

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