By: Christopher Burton Luxury Homes

Five Useful Design Trends For 2014

Home design trends should be addressing both your needs and expectations, to help you create a comfortable environment where you can feel relaxed and at peace. The end of 2013 is bringing many new design trends around, which aim to help people make their homes more welcoming and improve their Melbourne, Fl custom homes at the same time.

However, people who plan to use these designs should always balance very well price value and comfort in a way that can promote their well being and positive mood as well.

Smaller, but nicer

2014 brings small and nice fixtures on the scene, while large ones are completely eliminated. Designing your home with small items will invariably help you opt for a better arrangement of every single furniture or fixture, allowing you to make use of the space in order to move freely around the room in question. Small pillows will be great for freshly-bought sofas or armchairs, while small ornaments can make any cabinet or coffee table in your living-room look elegant.

Flex space

Making use of a flex space in order to transform it in an incredible, multi-purpose room represents one of the most appreciated design trends for 2014. The flex space can be designed as any room you want, from living room to your personal office and back again. Furniture of any sizes and forms is welcome, while light color contrasts will also make this room into a fresh place where you can enjoy and feel comfortable at the same time.


2014 is bringing entertainment and media to a whole new level, which is why this design trend can transform your house into something new and unexpected. What do you need in order to approach it? A huge TV set, with a home cinema system installed, a DVD player, a gaming console and a performing speakers system arranged strategically can be just perfect for all your needs. As long as you make sure to incorporate these devices into the rest of your room, you should be able to obtain impressive results from the beginning.


Let yourself stay connected to the latest news and technology by approaching this new design trend. However, you may also approach this trend by choosing floor-to-ceiling windows can also make you feel “connected,” and sliding doors will be more than enough to strengthen it. You can opt for double doors that connect all the rooms in your home, but you can also some other manners to approach this trend as well.

Formal vs. Casual

Formal trend is usually elegant and sophisticated, while the casual one brings comfort and utility closer to you. A great option is combining both these styles with elegant accents and comfortable furniture, which will certainly make your room look nicer. Formal style is great for those rooms that are mainly exposed and accessible to other guests coming into the house, but casual should be your main focus in this regard. With proper colors and fixtures, these new design trends can be exactly what you need in order to make your home fashionable.