Inspired by August’s feature “Think Big: Tony Catanese Doesn’t Believe in Small Ideas,” it got me thinking about  ideas of my own and wondering about yours. Yes, yours. 

My favorite thing about children is that they dream without anything holding them back. They aren’t rationale or afraid of failing. When I asked my 6-year-old niece what she wanted to be when she grew up, she bluntly said with a big ole’ gappy-toothed grin, “A butterfly.”

What if, as a community, we awakened a child-like spirit to dream again? And not only that, but we inspired those around us in their pursuits of those big ideas? What if, we weren’t limited by our past, but fearlessly plowed forward without anything holding us back?

At age 9, I was given by first journal and I believe that was the start of my dreaming.  And now, many years later, I have tons of journals filled with my crazy ideas. Looking back, I’m so glad I wrote those whimsical dreams down. In some ways, I felt like putting those ideas to paper held me accountable to the things I was hoping for. What’s even more amazing is to see the one’s that came actually came true. For instance, this one, right here: becoming a writer.

With that being said, I pose a question to you: What are you dreaming of? If you could do, go, create, become anything or anyone, what would it be? 

Here’s my idea to get us INSPIRED as a community. Post your answer to our FB timeline or leave it the comment box. Next week, I’ll compile the whimsical, fearless ideas to the blog with your name, city of residence and answer. So, what’s stopping you? Let’s start dreaming! 


Here’s to big dreaming!— Allysar Hassan.

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