By Mariah Qaiser

Bringing a gift of goodies to your door every month, subscription boxes are rapidly capturing the consumer world with their convenient home delivery and prospective slew of contents. Ranging from beauty products to pet goodies, even food items, these monthly boxes of treats serve to be a fun and opportune way of purchasing and experiencing new things.
sub-boxHOW IT WORKS:
The rising popularity of subscription boxes stems considerably from their easy use. For a set monthly payment, you will receive a box of several goodies delivered conveniently to your doorstep every month. Subscription boxes present a collection of small goods designated largely for sampling purposes; they distribute items that you can try out and if you like them, you can go for the full version. It’s a fun and useful way of obtaining products that suit you.

Birchbox is the leading subscription box retailer that distributes several different types of gifts, from makeup to skincare products, to small lifestyle accessories. Birchbox is tailored to both men and women, with the women’s box priced at $10 per month, $110 yearly, and the men’s box at $20 per month and $195 yearly.

Subscription boxes geared towards pet products and goodies include BarkBox, in which 10 percent of proceeds go towards supporting animal rescue groups. BarkBox distributes grooming items, toys, and treats for your dog. Prices go as low as $19 monthly depending on the size of your dog and your subscription plan preference.

Food subscription boxes are rising in popularity such as NatureBox, a subscription box dedicated to delivering nutritious and healthy snacks. NatureBox will send you a collection of carefully chosen food items or you can choose which snacks you’d like for your box. Prices include $15.95 a month for twelve months, $17.95 for six months, and $19.95 for a month to month subscription. For every box delivered, NatureBox donates one meal through Feeding America®.

Subscription boxes also cater to children and parents. Adventure Trunk is a subscription box that sends educational activities and creative crafts to children. Activities provided are designed in collaboration with certified early education teachers as the subscription box’s target goal is to help develop the minds of children. The Adventure Trunk subscription is $45 monthly.

The subscription box popularity has mounted to the extent that celebrities have joined in on the hype. Quarterly Co. is a subscription brand that allows consumers to subscribe to their choice of celebrity to curate a monthly box of goodies for them. Curators include stylist expert Nina Garcia who distributes her choice of fashion items and cultural merchandise. Prices range from $50 to $100 per month depending on your choice of curator. Quarterly.Co