Halloween is just around the corner. A day for delightful ghosts, goblins, super heroes, and princesses to join together in a festive evening of trick-or-treating. You never know just whom you may meet when your doorbell rings.

Everyone loves the smiles on little faces and the spooky decorations that adorn homes and yards during this time of year. In order to keep your family and your home safe from safety hazards on the spookiest night of the year take a look at these tips to keep smiles all around.

Check Outdoor Décor

Outdoor lighting, high flying ghosts, and eerie ornaments hanging from trees all help set the Halloween mood. However, your festive décor could spell trouble if it isn’t kept in check. Make sure all electrical items are in tact. Check for broken or frayed wires and make sure electrical outlets are safe and functioning properly. If you have hanging items make sure they are made of fire resistant materials and kept away from possible points of ignition.

Battery Operated Candles

Candles are wonderful additions to Halloween decorations but can cause larger scale fires quickly. A better way to achieve the perfect ghostly look is to use battery operation candles rather than those that have wicks. This drastically reduces the possibility of fire and will help you enjoy the evening worry free.

Clear a Path

Another tip is to clear driveways, patios, walkways, and yards of debris and create a clear path. As the night wears on and the moon rises ever higher, vision can be impaired. It is best to keep obstacles out of the way to keep everyone safe.

Costume Safety

Choose costumes made from fabrics that are flame resistant and have some sort of reflective feature. Try and avoid costumes that are long and leave a trail behind the wearer. The extra fabric can cause your little one to trip. Masks should fit properly and have adequate eyeholes so that vision isn’t impaired.


An adult should always escort children. Everyone should be mindful of pedestrians during trick-or-treating. Unfortunately, many drivers don’t pay attention so it is up to you, adults, to help keep the children in your care safe. Make sure you look before crossing the road and adhere to the rules of traffic. If you are driving on Halloween night keep a vigilant eye out for any trick-or-treaters and slow down in neighborhoods.