Jessica JG Neal

By Jessica JG Neal 

Bedrooms should inspire relaxation and romance. But let’s be honest, many times they end up covered in unfolded laundry, disheveled bedding and pets! Here is a quick one hour plan to get your bedroom back in business. These do-it-yourself tricks will spruce up your bedroom without requiring you to hire a contractor.

1. Tidy up and organize

Those clothes have been waiting to be hung for weeks and the receipts have piled up as high as can be on your nightstand or dresser. It’s time to implement a more efficient organization system. As you’re putting things away, be sure to take note of where everything goes. Is it meant to be hung or folded? Are your closets and cabinets bursting at the seams? There’s usually a reason why our things do not get put away properly. Time to contact your favorite designer/organizer when you have more time to go through it all and start fresh.

2. Vacuum everything

So maybe we won’t win any housekeeping awards, but sometimes the vacuum cleaner is our best friend. That handy device can be used on all the surfaces. Vacuum the floors, the furniture, the side tables, the bookcases and don’t forget the blinds! If you’re really feeling adventurous you can climb up and get the ceiling fan as well. Leave no dust behind!

3. Upgrade the bedding and add luxurious pillows

4. Dim the lights

The best way to feel great about your bed is to change the linens. You can have a few coordinating style options and mix them up for a totally new look. I change up my duvet comforter and pillows two or three times a year and it always puts me in a better mood.

4. Dim the lights

Close the blinds, pull the curtains and dim the lights. If you do not have a dimmer, light a lamp instead of an overhead fixture. It’s a quick way to create a relaxing atmosphere.

5. Light a candle

There isn’t much this designer loves more than a great candle. The mix of the beautiful glow from the flame and the terrific scent freshen up a room like nothing else. It’s easy to relax now that your room is clean and great smelling. Mention this article to redeem 15 percent off all Trapp candles at the Chandlery in Downtown Melbourne.

Jessica JG NealJessica JG Neal,

Designer Jessica JG Neal trained at Pratt Institute and has been featured on HGTV as well as in Design Bureau Magazine. Her focus is on re-designing and styling using the furniture, art and accessories you already own. Helping clients to repurpose spaces, solve problem areas and clear clutter with artful organization solutions. Whether the project is new construction design or re-styling an existing interior the goal is developing a design style based on functional needs and personal priorities. 

This article appears in the July 2015 issue of SpaceCoast Living.
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