Home-style diner serves up comfort food classics all day long

If you like good old down-home comfort foods “like mama used to make,” then Palm Shores Riverview Diner is right up your alley. The unpretentious restaurant is casual and inviting, with the warmth and friendly service that can only be found at small-town eateries.

“I love the location and what Palm Shores has done to their town,” says Jeffery Kaplan, owner of Palm Shores Riverview Diner. “And the view is to die for,” he adds, referring to the restaurant’s spot along the Indian River, just south of the Pineda Causeway.

The delicious diner officially opened in August of last year, serving family-style breakfast, lunch and dinner dishes all day long. All meals are homemade recipes of Kaplan’s family, brought down to the Sunshine State by the restaurateur from his home state of New Jersey where, growing up, his parents owned multiple restaurants.

“Our menu is wide-ranging and we have lots of creative dishes,” says Kaplan.

Take, for example, the Captain Crunch French Toast, a sweet breakfast treat that happens to be Palm Shores Riverview Diner’s most frequently ordered menu item. It starts with traditional French toast coated with Captain Crunch cereal flakes, and then is topped with strawberries, blueberries, bananas, chocolate sauce, and finally, whipped cream. And the best part of all? It can be ordered at any time of day or night.

The breakfast menu also features an assortment of eggs benedict creations, as well as other traditional breakfast platters with a personalized twist. For lunch, the diner serves up stacked sandwiches, club sandwiches, “belly buster” burgers and delicious gourmet salads. Dinner options tend to reflect meals typically prepared at big family gatherings, such as slow-cooked pot roast, “Uncle Mick’s” meatloaf, country-fried steak and fish n’ chips.

Kaplan says his menu is not set in stone, and he is all ears when it comes to customizing meals to his patrons’ wishes. “If a regular says, ‘try this,’ we will!” he says.

To top it all off, or just to cool down on a hot Florida day, Palm Shores Riverview Diner also doubles as a full-service ice cream shop, serving a variety of flavors that can be ordered at the outdoor deck’s ice-cream window. Catering for all occasions is available, too.

All in all, a satisfying menu, a “come as you are” attitude and relaxing surroundings make Palm Shores Riverview Diner is a great place to eat.