Echelon Builders Customizes the Perfect Outdoor Sanctuary

Photography by UNEEK Luxury Real Estate Tours

One of the most obvious benefits of living on the Space Coast is the ability to increase your living area by having a beautiful outdoor place for both family enjoyment and entertaining guests.

Screen-shot-2014-08-26-at-5.35.38-PMTo truly meet the diverse needs of your family, your outdoor area should be customized. Before you begin, think about how you use your yard, how you entertain and what specific aspects will give you the most amount of enjoyment.

Echelon Builders recently created a custom summer kitchen, pool design, gazebo and cabana area to produce an important part of the entire home design — the backyard. Factoring in the views, landscape lighting, waterfalls, fire, music and shelter from the heat and bad weather, were all critical components to the design process.

“It’s important to make an investment that not only you as the homeowner loves, but that future home buyers of your property will appreciate as well,” said Greg Ellingson, owner of Echelon Builders.

The first step often begins with the pool. “We wanted functionality but we wanted to have something exciting to look at,” Greg saScreen-shot-2014-08-26-at-5.35.54-PMid. “Raising the spa and creating a cove area for the kids to swim in was a must.”

That lent itself to building a platform for the gazebo area. This area has a cooling misting system for the heat and an insect misting system to keep bugs out. Hoping to have something both comfortable, but attractive, the homeowners decided to use stained wood and stone columns to increase the visual appeal.

Echelon also built a distinctive summer kitchen. Not satisfied with the “typical” barbecue area, the homeowners wanted a space where everyone could gather. A special hood, a large grilling space to serve food and a place to anchor the outdoor patio were additional features of the kitchen.

The cabana is the cornerstone of the backyard. “The cabana was thoughtfully designed to be a cornerstone of the backyard with multiple purposes. We even made it large enough to be a potential permanent living space if needed for family in the future,” Greg Ellingson said. “We wanted it to be able to comfortably seat 10 adults, hold birthday parties, serve Thanksgiving dinner or watch a Super Bowl game.”

Screen-shot-2014-08-26-at-5.36.08-PMUsing high quality materials like stone, granite, stained wood and crown molding upped the luxurious feel of the space. Night lighting, sound and fire features rounded out the ambiance that made the cabana complete.

Echelon Builders made sure the homeowners thought of every detail, from the storage area for pool equipment to a lockable wet-bar with icemaker, and plenty of space for entertaining.

Creating a play area for the kids with a buried trampoline was the perfect complement of design, functionality and safety.

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