By: Christopher Burton Homes

Houses are meant to protect us from harsh weather and keep us safe and comfortable. To do this, they need to be in tip top shape in order to offer maximum results. No one should rely on the original make of the house since climate has changed over the years and as such your house may not stand tough times.

Custom homes in Melbourne Fl are safer and stronger against harsh weather conditions.

When seeking to prepare your house for inclement weather, it’s best to do a round-up check of the whole house. Scrutinize the house from top to bottom and take note of the areas that are in good shape, areas that need improvement, repairs and complete replacement.

This will help you budget your money and time properly before the onset of harsh weather.

The Top

The roof should be your first priority here. The last thing you would want is for your roof to be blown off or to leak. Check your roof shingles and ensure that they are securely installed to avoid blowing off or leaking water into the house. The attic should be properly insulated to avoid losing heat during cold weather.

Gutters at the top for collecting rain water should be kept in perfect condition. Replace any rusty gutters since they eventually leak water to your deck and cause rotting. Also, take out any debris that may block the gutter in rainy weather and cause flooding which will in turn make the water pour out.

The Middle

The middle section of your house mainly consists of windows and doors. During cold weather, windows and doors are the main exit points of heat from the house. Ensure that your windows and doors are properly sealed if they can be sealed.

You might consider installing double-glass windows to enhance maximum retention of heat during cold weather. The siding of your house is also an important feature. Custom homes should have perfectly finished sidings that prevent leakage of water in to the house when it rains and loss of heat from the house through gaping holes.

The Bottom

Downspouts are one of the bottom essentials of your house. Replace rusty downspouts to prevent leakage of water to your house’s foundation. Also, extend their length to ensure they direct water away from the house to prevent flooding.

The deck receives all the blows from harsh weather. Whether it’s hot or cold, dry or wet, your deck receives it first. Custom homes should have properly protected decks that helps them stand strong in such times. The wood is properly sealed with sealing agents to repel water and ice that rots wood.

Inclement weather leads to much dependence on air conditioning inside the house. Keeping your house properly sealed in areas that lose heat easily will save you from expensive air conditioning costs. It will also save you from leakages in to the house that will require constant mopping and ruin floors.

Custom homes will give you maximum protection against harsh inclement weather that may have otherwise destroyed your house severely. It’s definitely better to be safe than sorry. Start the protection process early before it’s too late.