Your dream home – you’ve envisioned it clearly in your mind, what features you want to include, how many rooms, that perfect kitchen – every detail is mapped out but how do you get that vision into a reality? You’d probably begin by working with a “white paper builder.” A white paper builder starts with just that- a blank sheet of white paper.

This initial design process is dependent on the homeowner’s vision and the builder’s understanding of the creativity needed to build the custom home. It can take weeks or months, depending on the number of changes. Once the drawings are approved the pre-start process begins includes plan approval, initial interior design meetings, subcontractor meetings permitting and bank closing. Once the permit has been issue, the construction process begins! Depending on the size and scope of the custom home will determine the actual construction time. Homeowners meet with the construction and design teams along the way to solidify the vision.

“At Christopher Burton Homes, we begin the process by identifying with the homeowner how they will live in their home, how they see their family in their individual spaces and how they will use their home for entertaining,” said Chris Burton.

Custom home builders like Christopher Burton Luxury Homes offer guidance all along the way since there are so many moving pieces to the process of building a custom home. Chris Burton is personally involved in the entire process, from the initial concept meetings to periodically visiting construction sites. He has strengthened the company with individuals who represent a specific role to ease the anxieties associated with building a custom home. Full dedication is given to each homeowner.

“Communication is the key to success when building a custom home with a white paper builder,” Chris explained.

The last phase of the process starts when the home is completed and the homeowners dream is a reality. Your home is a masterpiece – move in and enjoy!

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