Dogs Rule in a Fiercely Fought Competition as Eleven Contestants Vie for the Title: Brevard’s Poshest Pet.

In the end it was Maddie Haley’s tail wagging the most when she learned she had raised nearly $13,000 for the Central Brevard Humane Society.

The fur flew as this year’s Posh Pets contestants went all out when it came to raising money, collecting more than $35,000 during several weeks this spring.  From a badminton tournament to a golf outing to Yappy Hours, these pets, with a lot of help from their people, worked hard to help their four-legged cousins at the Humane Society.

The six finalists include beautiful Maddie, the Bernese Mountain dog gracing this month’s cover, three terriers, a Great Dane and a Lhasa Apso.  Four Maltese and a Beagle also competed for top honors this year.  Two of our contestants are former residents of the Humane Society, and they join all of us in saying there’s no better time than now to visit the shelter to find a furry companion of your own to share the love and joy that all of our Posh Pets bring to their owners.


Maddie, Bernese Mountain Dog

Owned by Meredith Haley, Indian Harbour Beach

Brevard’s 2010 Poshest Pet is only a year old and came here from Oklahoma where she was one of a litter of nine puppies.  “Maddie is very friendly to everyone she meets,” says Meredith.  “She loves going places and visiting our two horses.  She’s so special because she’s provided a constant source of entertainment and unconditional love since the day we got her. She always aims to please us and never holds a grudge. Maddie enriches our lives with her sweet personality. She is always eager to see us and brings lots of joy to our lives.”




Marmaduke, Blue Great Dane

Owned by Sandi Trudeau, Merritt Island

Sandi calls Marmaduke “the biggest lap dog in the world.” Weighing in at 220 pounds, Marmaduke shares Sandi with several orphaned cats.  Standing on his back legs he’s over seven feet tall so “I call him my home security system.  He is awesome, but beware!  You never want to leave any meat on the kitchen counter.  Last month he ate two steaks and a five-pound roast in a heartbeat.  I just can’t get upset with him though, because he’s just too sweet and handsome.”





Toto, Yorkie

Owned by Scherri Reimer, Cocoa

Formerly known as Toby, Toto went missing during a tornado that hit Cocoa Village in October 2001.  When it was discovered Toto was safe, his former owner, Harry Phillips of the Clay Studio allowed Scherrie to adopt him.  Many customers of Jon’s Fine Jewelry save their visits to the store for Saturday when they know Toto will be working.  “He is five pounds of sugar wrapped in fur who greets customers with his tail wagging,” says Scherri.




Hillary, Norwich Terrier

Owned by Susan and Wayne Thompson, Melbourne

A friend that trained Susan’s horses had a Norwich Terrier “that I thought was adorable. They are feisty and full of personality, and for a small dog, somewhat rough and tough which fits our lifestyle.” Susan found a breeder in Ohio and brought Hillary home where she has “earned her name-she’s very opinionated”. Hillary shares her home with her “wicked stepsisters” Sophia, Maggie, Duchess and her brother Sam. “We also have multiple cats she loves to chase and bark at-sometimes she even sits on them.”




Tripp, Yorkshire Terrier

Owned by Connie Hayes, Merritt Island

Tripp shows everyone that Yorkies “aren’t just eye candy,” says Connie.  “He is brave, smart and athletic too”.  Tripp patrols his property with ferocity against all squirrel invaders. “At only one year of age he has successfully completed puppy and adult obedience training, logged many miles hiking through Florida state parks, and is an avid kayaker (although he mainly sees that as an opportunity for an open air nap while his companion does the paddling)”.





GiGi, Lhasa Apso

Owned by Nancy M. Juhn, Melbourne

Nancy adopted GiGi from the Central Brevard Humane Society a year ago. GiGi, who is now nine, was found foraging for food with no collar, no microchip and no name.  “She had been at the shelter for almost two months and they had named her Clarabell, but she was no Clarabell.  When I brought her home we sat on the kitchen floor, and I was calling out different names.  Finally, when I said GiGi, she responded and I said OK, that’s now your name. She isn’t afraid of anything and is so socialized: she loves people, loves other dogs, and even cats! No one can believe what a little jewel she has turned out to be.”