creative cocktails on the space coast

By Allison Arteaga

Local Hot Spots Serve Up Their Most Tempting Treats

We asked you, our readers and fans, what your favorite, creative cocktails on the Space Coast are and we found out the Space Coast has a plethora of signature cocktails available for your sipping pleasure. Here are a few of the favorites:

The Blue Drink — Lou’s Blues

Lou’s Blues on Eau Gallie and A1A in Indialantic has always been one of the Space Coast’s most eclectic hotspots, and with self-proclaimed “intoxicologist” Megan Darling working her magic behind the bar, patrons are guaranteed their fill of free-spirited fun. Megan has been a Lou’s Blues staple since 2009 and several years ago, she developed the bar’s famous Blue Drink, a colorful, sweet and sour concoction that fans swear tastes just like a Pixie Stix.

“Girls come in wanting to have a good time, and they say ‘make me something fun!’ so I throw a cherry and a lemon in one of these, and it just looks fun,” Megan says of her signature creation. “Plus, it has four different liquors in it, so you get a bit of everything.”

Lou's Blues | Indialantic

Lou’s Blues | Indialantic

Nuts & Bolts: The exact recipe for the Blue Drink is a secret, but it contains…

  • Tropical Vodka
  • Cotton Candy Vodka
  • Blue Curacao
  • Island Blue Pucker
  • Sour Mix
  • Soda


Lou’s Blues
3191 Florida A1A, Indialantic
(321) 779-2299

Loaded Bloody Mary — Murdock’s Southern Bistro & Bar

Nestled in historic Cocoa Village, Murdock’s Southern Bistro & Bar serves up Southern charm by the heaping spoonful, from fried favorites to live blues music to margaritas served in mason jars. But even though Murdock’s has definitely carved out a special niche in the local nightlife scene, for those in the know, the best time to grab a drink at Murdock’s isn’t necessarily after dark.

“We have become absolutely famous for our Bloody Marys on Sundays,” says bartender Nicole Marquez, of the establishment’s weekly brunch special. “We do a loaded Bloody Mary with an entire skewer of meat and veggies, and it’s something that’s had people coming here for over a decade. These drinks are homemade, even down to the mix, and it’s a real southern Bloody Mary: nice and spicy. It does have a really good kick, and we add a little bit of Kona beer to give it a pop of spice as well.”


Murdock’s Southern Bistro & Bar | Cocoa Village

Finishing Touches: Murdock’s Loaded Bloody Marys are served with a garnish of lemon, lime and celery, as well as a skewer containing…

  • Andouille sausage
  • Pimento stuffed olives
  • Pepper jack cheese
  • Pickled okra
  • Grilled shrimp
  • Olives
  • Pickles


Murdock’s Southern Bistro & Bar
600 Brevard Ave., Cocoa
(321) 633-0600 

Mango Blood Orange Sangria — Sublime Restaurant & Sangria Lounge

Though still a relative newcomer to the Space Coast nightlife scene, Sublime Restaurant & Sangria Lounge in historic Cocoa Village has quite the following thanks to a cozy space, delicious fine dining, and signature drinks, all with Spanish flair. The somewhat upscale atmosphere is perfectly suited for date night, girls’ night out, or special events, and the extensive tapas menu plus handcrafted sangrias are the stars of the show.

“Our sangrias are all special recipes and creations, but the most popular is our Mango Blood Orange sangria,” says Sublime bartender Jennifer Wilson. “It’s got such good flavor and balance. It’s definitely worth trying. It has a cabernet wine base, mango puree, blood orange schnapps, mango rum, and some orange juice, then we top it off with fresh oranges and Sprite.” 

Perfect Pairing: Heat up your night by matching your favorite sangria with an order of spicy Atomic Shrimp. Fried, then tossed in sweet chili sauce and served over a bed of rice straws, these shrimp pack a flavorful punch. 


Sublime Restaurant & Sangria Lounge | Cocoa Village

Sublime Restaurant & Sangria Lounge
114 Harrison Street, Cocoa
(321) 632-2700

Irish Car Bomb — Meg O’Malley’s Restaurant & Irish Pub

With an authentic atmosphere and menu and live traditional Irish music every Tuesday night, Meg O’Malley’s is undoubtedly the Space Coast’s official destination for Emerald-Isle-inspired revelry, especially on St. Patrick’s Day. But don’t let that fool you into pigeonholing the place. “Everyone celebrates everything here, from getting a job to retirements to funerals and wedding parties,” says Bar Manager Mike Hill.

Even on workdays, you can always expect to find a lively crowd at Meg’s, tossing back everything from traditional Irish whisky to 56 ounce margaritas. But still, one drink seems to stand above the rest. “The thing that everyone comes in and orders, no matter what they’re here for, is Irish Car Bombs,” Mike says. “That’s definitely the favorite. It’s like a fun game, because everyone tries to finish their drink first.”

The Drinking Game: Irish Car Bombs are served in two parts, a shot glass containing Irish whisky mixed with Irish cream, and a half-empty pint glass containing Guinness Irish stout. On the count of three, everyone drops their shot glasses into the Guinness and chugs. The last person to finish drinking buys the next round!


Meg O’Malley’s Restaurant & Irish Pub | Irish Car Bomb

Meg O’Malley’s Restaurant & Irish Pub

812 E. New Haven Ave., Melbourne
(321) 952-5510

Orange Crush — Mainstreet Pub

On the bar-lined streets of historic downtown Melbourne, Mainstreet Pub has long been a standout for many reasons; among those, a delicious secret weapon called the Orange Crush. To make the drink, bartenders combine secret ingredients including fresh-squeezed orange juice. Then, they shake it all up and add some Sprite or club soda for a bit of pleasant effervescence.

“The Orange Crush is definitely one of our top sellers,” says bartender Keri Palmer. “A lot of people talk about it and come here specifically to try it. A lot of people try to copy it, but they don’t use fresh juice, so they can never get it quite right.”

Sipping Settings: Enjoy an Orange Crush at your choice of Mainstreet Pub’s three bar areas, from the classic, copper-topped indoor whisky bar or laid-back outdoor tiki-bar on the ground floor to the night-club atmosphere of the second floor bar and balcony.


Mainstreet Pub | Orange Crush

Mainstreet Pub
705 East New Haven Ave., Melbourne
(321) 723-7811 

This article appears in the April 2015 issue of SpaceCoast Living.
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