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Spring is here and it’s time to wipe away the winter blues with a fresh, new you! Projecting a sense of beauty and confidence starts by treating yourself with care first. This can be done with simple, affordable luxuries like pedicures, manicures, facials and more in a salon or even at home.

Your hands and face are the two parts of you that people see first, so taking care of both is incredibly important. Venessa Paladino, nail specialist at Vixen Hair & Nails, says, “Manicured nails project an image of cleanliness and should be part of everyone’s beauty regimen, whether done at home or with a professional. It’s an affordable luxury that allows for some relaxation and pampering. Plus, they can be an extension of your personality; trendy, classic or adventurous.”

In addition to being a simple and affordable way to help you look your best, it is also important to stay on point with current nail trends. There’s no shortage of on-trend styles to fit everyone’s personality. Pedicures are always on point in Florida, Paladino says. “In Florida, where flip flops and sandals are a year-round staple, everyone wants a pedicure.” Taking care of your nails isn’t just for women either. Paladino says, “Another trend is men’s manicures,” Paladino points out. “Clean, presentable nails aren’t just for ladies; men enjoy this relatively quick and painless luxury just as much.”

Less is more for nail designs. Paladino suggests, “Maybe a few accents with rhinestones or variation of color or a nice nude with a colored bead design on one or two nails. With spring upon us, bright pastels are also popular.”

Nails are just the beginning. A massage and a facial are two additional affordable luxuries that will help keep you looking your best. Molly Conaway-Smith and Philip Smith, owners of Spa 902, say that taking care of your skin and keeping your stress levels down are incredibly important when it comes to a regular beauty regimen. Conaway-Smith explains: “Stress is the silent killer and it also ages us, so you want to do things that are de-stressing. A nice, relaxing, hour-long massage or a facial is good because they keep you youthful and the dead skin is removed. We customize everything here for the client; nothing is cookie cutter.”

Philip says that moisturizing is also important. “A good moisturizer and a good exfoliant that’s not expensive. We have great products here (for that).” Molly adds, “Water is (also) very, very important! Staying hydrated helps keep you mentally focused.”

There are so many affordable and simple ways to keep you looking your best this spring. There’s no reason not to take some “you time” to keep looking your best for a lifetime.

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