Photo by Tanya Mutton

So, this issue has intrigued you? We get that and can see the attraction this path has. You think you or your child just might have what it takes to be a model or to perform in the media in some other way? You always wanted to be in the movies, right?

As with any new venture, it is likely that you could use a little experience and training before your big audition, and we’ve got you covered for that as well. For this issue, SpaceCoast Living partnered with Prodigy Talent Training in Rockledge to get our cover models ready for their close-up. Prodigy “prepares qualified talent of all ages for jobs in the film, television, and entertainment industry,” according to Prodigy CEO Jonathan McFadden. “Prodigy’s objective-driven education, combined with personal attention and tailored focus on the ‘business of booking’ will give you the cutting-edge skills that are in high demand in the professional entertainment industry,” McFadden added.

Prodigy holds classes and workshops on a regular basis. “You’ll not only train with working actors, but you’ll get on-set experience each month. And with the personal attention given to you during your appointments and sessions with our talent booking specialist, you will see results almost immediately,” McFadden said. The criteria any prospective agency should be held to? “Your acting and/or modeling instructor should be able to help you find reputable and qualified representation once you are ready for it. Remember that this is a business. A good instructor will not only train you in the artistic side, but the business side as well. You should be learning how to effectively use casting submission websites, how to format a resumé, and how to navigate the many other business related aspects of acting and modeling, including the research and vetting of talent agencies.”

Looking for a modeling class?
»» Make sure that you work with an instructor who has good relationships with top photographers.
»» Find an instructor who can help you build an effective portfolio.
»» Work with someone who brings in different (and reputable) photographers so that you’ll learn to work within different styles.
»» You should never feel morally uncomfortable. If you’re asked to wear something or do something that goes against your morals, do not compromise.
»» Look at the shots produced by that prospective school or teacher and make sure they are of the same quality you want in your own shots.
»» Choose a school that can help you gain proper model representation.

Looking for an acting class?
»» Make sure to meet with the instructor before signing up for anything.
»» If you’re taking an on-camera acting class, make sure you actually go “on camera” regularly.
»» Follow your acting school of interest on social media. See what their students are actually doing with the training they receive.
»» Find a teacher who teaches various styles or methods of acting. While one style may be great for some, it might not be great for others. You want an instructor who will pull techniques from various styles to help you determine the style that works best for you.
»» A good instructor will work with you at your level while challenging you to improve.

When searching for a talent or modeling agent, it’s important that you do your research. There are many reputable and qualified agencies in the Central Florida area, but there are some not-so-reputable or qualified agencies as well. A good rule of thumb is: an agent who asks you to pay them up front or charges you a monthly fee for representation is illegitimate. Legitimate agents make their money when you do. They take a commission on your paid jobs. Agencies are not allowed to require you to purchase headshots or classes from a specific photographer or school as a condition of representation. A legitimate agency may provide you with a list of several reputable headshot photographers and training facilities
that they recommend.

Don’t let this last bit scare you off though. Modeling can be a highly rewarding and satisfying experience. With a little luck, talent and the right agency, modeling can take you places you never thought possible. You could wind up acting next to your favorite movie star, being seen on the cover of your favorite magazine, or walking the catwalk at a major fashion event. It happens, and everyone starts with that first step.


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