Mixed media is the term used in the flooring industry for wood floors that are installed with tile, stone or even metal to create a unique design. Sounds crazy or risky? Not at all. The use of natural stone with wood flooring has been a design option that has been used for centuries. The most important ingredient is finding installers like those at Classic Wood Flooring to craft these floors correctly.

Different applications of mixed media floors include borders, medallions, insets or creative transitions. These applications can help create design continuity throughout a house while adding interest and value with unique combinations of colors, textures and finishes.

Flooring inlays come in many forms including medallions, borders or inset panels. The craftsmen at Classic Wood Flooring can combine stone or wood species or color combinations to define areas, accommodate high traffic areas, create floor art or tie adjoining rooms together. The possibilities are endless.

Floor medallions create a signature flooring centerpiece to any home. They are available in wood or stone and feature standard preassembled designs that include compass roses, art nouveau and Greek mosaics. Homeowners may also order completely customized floor medallions to create a family crest or personalized mosaic.

Floor borders can be used to define a specific area or add a high-end, ornamental touch to floors. Hardwood borders can be done in contrasting solids or standard patterns or a custom crafted pattern. Tile and stone borders can help tie into a room’s design element such as a backsplash or accent wall. Floor borders can also coordinate with medallion designs for a high style interior design look.

Floor inset panels encompass numerous flooring applications that can be purely functional or aesthetic or somewhere in between. Examples of this include doorways or entryways where tile might better provide a space for guests to remove or wipe their shoes so the room’s hardwood floors won’t be scratched by sand and dirt. Or in living rooms, ceramic tile is an ideal choice for a fireplace hearth given it is easy to clean and heat resistant.

Flooring patterns that mix wood and tile are nothing new.They’ve been found in luxury homes for many years. What is new are the flooring products that have brought down the cost of obtaining the look of exotic hardwoods or expensive natural stone. Custom flooring patterns using mixed media can now use ceramic or porcelain tile that imitates the look of natural stone such as slate, limestone or travertine. Engineered wood or porcelain wood-look tiles can also be used to cut costs while adding durability and minimizing the issues associated with natural mixed media installations. Technology has made production of exotic wood looks like Brazilian tigerwood and African mahogany stunningly accurate and more affordable. Homeowners also appreciate the low maintenance of ceramic, porcelain and LVT tile.

Real natural stone and hardwood mixed media patterns are still popular today. Proper installation of stone and wood requires expertise and meticulous planning. For instance, stone and tile require water during the installation. Yet when installing stone next to wood, water can damage the wood. Tile and stone can also have different vertical heights than the hardwood used. But it is critical to obtain the same finished height of both floor coverings. The experienced craftsmen at Classic Wood Flooring understand all the best practices to make each mixed media flooring installation a work of art.