The New Year is about improving things all around you and that includes your home. With over 25 years of interior design experience, Antoinette Prisco of Antoinette’s Unique Interiors has ideas that will create a dramatic impact in improving the look of your home. So now that the company is gone, you can relax and enjoy a beautiful home in peace.

Add Color

  • “The new neutral is no longer beige, it’s gray,” says Prisco. So create a palette of mainly neutrals and utilize accents such as a painted wall or throw pillows in blue, brown or orange to add a pop of color.
  • Create an accent wall by covering one wall with bamboo strips, raffia, or fabric. Accent walls create a focal point, add texture and interest. Don’t cover all the walls in one room, just one accent wall will do the trick.


Update Furniture

  • Try a slip cover. A high end slip cover can change the entire look of a worn out or outdated sofa.
  • If you can spend a little more money, consider reupholstering. Pick several different fabrics to individualize sections, such as the cushions, frame and back.
  • Rearrange furniture. A new layout can create the appearance of more open space and change the outlook or view of a room.
  • Hang the flat screen TV on the wall. Create a different focal point for the room, preferably an outdoor view.


Open Up a Small Space

  • Install window treatments off the actual window frame to expose the full view
  • A monochromatic color scheme- floor, walls, furniture- in different shades of the same color make a small room look larger. Add highlights of different colors.
  • Mirrors are an inexpensive way to create a dramatic impact. Large mirrors that are at least 48 inches wide and 80 inches tall work best. Mirrors leaning against a wall give the appearance of another room, enlarging the space.



  • Explore antique and thrift stores for large scale vases that have a retro feel. Use fresh, silk or dried flowers that can be changed out frequently
  • Exchange out picture frames with more elaborate designs and group frames together in an interesting way
  • Lamps go in and out of style frequently but rather than buy all new fixtures, consider replacing the shade or painting the base a fresh color or add beads to the shade.
  • Rugs add texture and color to a room. It also creates a grouping adding cohesion and color.