With so much planning to do, a bride shouldn’t forget to take care of her. Details like hair cut and color and styles including makeup need pre-planning as well!  Maura Emerson, independent cosmetologist shares the secret to perfect hair on the big day.

What are the growing trends for brides?

There has been a great trend toward positive self expression in recent years. Ten years ago we were seeing brides who didn’t want to offend so they played it safe. These days brides focus more on celebrating with the people they love the most, so they bring more moxie to the table. It is so wonderful to see these ladies borrowing from rouge trends of days gone by while still nodding toward tradition. Today’s brides are very glamorous. They are knowledgeable about what makes them feel beautiful. It’s a very exciting time.  

When should a bride cut and color?
Two weeks before the event for coloring and cutting the hair is optimal; too early, and regrowth will start to appear, yet we want to leave enough time to make adjustments if necessary.

Should a bride’s veil determine the style of her hair?

The entire hair design should be considered when choosing a head piece and veil. We are getting beautiful results by sewing tulle, crystals, flowers, hair extensions and beads directly into the design as we are creating the style. The results are exquisite and truly one of a kind.

What are some unique ideas that you offer? 

Feathers, bling, and eyelash extensions are very hot right now. They add a soft, almost retro appeal. Think 1940’s Hollywood.

How can a bride infuse their personal style into her hair on their wedding day?

There is a little theatre involved in creating a successful bridal look. Currently we’ve created festive presence by infusing luxuriant sensibilities with whispers of pin-up girl, surfer, punker, and starlet.

What about makeup trends for brides?

Throw out old notions of “less is more” when it comes to wedding day make-up. Skillful aestheticians know that a little color will make your pictures pop. It’s still true that “too much of a good thing is a bad thing,” and this does apply to make-up, but pure tones in lip color; a saucy red, hot pink, or true coral, will beautifully set off a white or neutral colored gown. Often a thin line of iridescent white or pink carefully applied directly beneath the brow and black or brown eyeliner will provide just enough natural looking contrast, if blended properly.