Lighting design is a key factor in getting a room to accomplish the homeowners’ intent.  In general the lighting of a room truly sets the mood and functionality of that space. Whether it’s a soft, warm, inviting light or a brighter, crisper light to help perform tasks, the lighting in a room is probably one of the most important design elements in home décor. “From beautiful decorative chandeliers to state-of-the-art LED recessed lighting, the lighting in a space makes such a big difference in our lives and how we interact and feel about that space,” said Craig Bronson, vice president of business development for House of Lights.

Easy projects you can do before the holidays arrive:

With the flexibility and energy efficiency of LED lighting, today’s lighting manufacturers are able to look at fixture design in a whole new way. They’re now better able to incorporate the light source directly into the design of the product from day one. This is translating into some incredible new designs that wouldn’t have been possible with traditional light sources.

One of the simplest and most cost effective home improvement lighting upgrades a homeowner can make is to install either an LED bulb or an LED recessed module into any can lights they have in their home. This process only takes a few minutes and can quickly pay for itself within just a few years. In fact, our EcoLED recessed modules can show a return on investment in less than 2 years and more than $800 in savings over the life of the product.  If a customer has traditional incandescent landscape lighting it’s definitely a good idea to transition all these fixtures over to LEDs. LED landscape lights last 10-20 times longer, they’re brighter, more flexible and if installed correctly they become maintenance free.

Ready to start?

If you have questions about lighting a room, the professional staff at The House of Lights is highly trained and certified, and have been working with lighting products for over 50 years. They constantly evaluate and test virtually every lighting style and product on the market today to identify the best of the best. We do all the research and leg work for our customers so they can confidently purchase the best quality, best performing and most stylish products at the very best prices anywhere.

Their EcoLED line of products offer the best performing, most energy efficient products available today. Each EcoLED unit carries with it a full 5-year warranty so our customers can rest assured they will exceed their expectations.

For more information contact The House of Lights or visit it online at |  (321) 723-8921