The time of gift giving is upon us, as is the time to flagyl antibiotic begin thinking about personal New Year’s resolutions. Most resolutions include health in some way, with the most common goals including working out more, eating healthier or losing weight. Here are some examples of health inspired gifts, along with health tips to encourage your own personal health goals.

If you are looking for healthy gift ideas, small group training or personal trainer sessions make great gifts for an avid fitness enthusiast or someone looking to start a healthier chapter in their life. According to the American College of Sports Medicine, body weight exercises are the No. 2 fitness trend for 2016. Health First Pro-Health & Fitness Centers offer a wide range of classes. Pro-Health Group Fitness Supervisor Jill Wattenbarger suggests TRX (Total Body Resistance) classes as a fun way to get fit. TRX utilizes suspension training to build core fitness. She said each class is very small and individualized and taught by national certified personal trainers. In addition, she recommends Pilates reformer classes or even personal training sessions.

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As far as clothing, cycling shoes are a great gift if someone enjoys cycling classes. When taking any lexapro weight loss class or working out in general, make sure to wear a supportive shoe. Shoes should be replaced every 3-6 months depending on how often they are used. Even though they do not look worn, they can still be broken down inside and should be replaced. Stop by a local running store like the Running Zone to talk to an expert who can help find the right shoe for your fitness needs.

According to Jill, one of the biggest complaints among cycling participants is foot pain if they are not wearing the correct shoes. Cycling shoes are stiff soled (unlike running shoes that flex), which will alleviate some of the foot pain. Cycling shoes also allow the person to clip into the pedal allowing for a smoother ride. Also, cycling shorts are a thoughtful present because another complaint among cycling participants is the uncomfortable saddle. Cycling shorts provide padding to alleviate saddle soreness.


Susie Bond, a Dietitian/Nutritionist for Health First Pro-Health & Fitness Centers, suggests these healthy kitchen gadgets.

Healthy Kitchen Gifts

These gift ideas can help your friends and loved ones get on their way to a healthier lifestyle in 2016!

Blender – This makes healthy creamy smoothies in just seconds, and takes up very little storage space.

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shutterstock_245805673Microwave Popcorn Popper – Avoid the butter, fat, salt, artificial flavors and preservatives by popping your own. Use a healthy oil (or none at all) and add the seasonings you like.

Apple Wedger – An apple a day keeps the doctor away. These handy devices remove the core and slice apples into equal size wedges.

Olive Oil Mister – Fill with olive oil and spray your baking dishes without the chemicals in store-bought cooking sprays.

Microwave Vegetable Steamer – These help retain vitamins normally lost in cooking, because water never touches the vegetables.

Vegetable Spiralizer – Instantly turn zucchini, carrots, turnips, and sweet potatoes into a healthy pasta substitute.

Stovetop Grill – Buy one that fits over your burner. Great for grilled salmon and veggies.

Digital Diet Food Scale – A food scale helps you measure and track the foods you eat to maintain portion control and a healthy lifestyle. Most come with a built-in calculator and database so that you can track your intake of calories, carbs, cholesterol, fat, and sugar.

9-Inch Plates – Though not really a kitchen gadget, smaller plates are a smart tool for portion control. Plate sizes today have increased to 12-inches, which leads to bigger portions and over-eating. Scale back to a 9-inch plate, commonly called a “luncheon plate” or “salad plate.” Provide instructions with the gift plates to fill half with vegetables, one-quarter with lean protein, and one-quarter with whole grain for a healthy balanced meal.

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