Anytime Fitness's Suntree location focuses on helping members meet their fitness goals.

There is a reason why so many people across the country and around the globe list going to the gym as their New Year’s resolution – they aren’t already going. And according to an article in Men’s Health, lack of confidence is one of the main reasons why both men and women avoid the gym, not a lack of desire or discipline. Not only are people self-conscious about their bodies, but there is a lack of confidence that comes with not knowing how to properly use the gym’s equipment. With a lack of knowledge comes a lack of results, causing people to stop working out altogether.

However, Anytime Fitness’s Suntree location prides itself on being a results-driven facility. Yes, the gym is a convenient 24-hour access gym, but you’re not expected to be an expert. Here, small group fitness classes and one-on-one training is encouraged to help you be successful in achieving your fitness goals.

There are a variety of membership levels, which will ultimately determine if you see a personal trainer or how often you participate in a group class, but everyone who joins the gym will have an initial meeting with a coach. In this meeting you will complete a full evolt scan, which will help you to better understand your body. You will also discuss your health and fitness goals, past workout experience, complete a brief warm-up and light workout, and then (hopefully) create a fitness plan for your first 30 days as a member of the gym.

“There are no excuses here,” says owner Erik Hughes. “We have everything here you could want, and want to ensure you are achieving your goals.”

What’s an evolt scan? Well, it is a body scanner that measures different types of tissue and water throughout your body. When you complete an evolt scan, you will receive an in-depth print out that details where you have the most body fat. For example: do you have a high percentage of visceral body fat? Do you have a lot of water weight? What is actually body fat and what is muscle? Knowing the answers to these questions can help you create more realistic fitness goals. And, there is an app you can download which will help you track your progress.

The group classes are also for members of all different fitness backgrounds. The three classes offered are: base, burn and build. A coach will help determine which class is the best fit for you, ensuring you get the workout you need without overdoing it. And, all coaches will have the ability to scale up or scale down each class depending on the members involved, so you won’t be getting the same exact workout in each class.

The point of Anytime Fitness in Suntree is to drive results. They want to be sure you’re completing the recommended workout from your fitness plan so that you can see the positive health changes you’re there to see. Investing in a membership is an overall investment in your health: only good can come from getting the training you desire.