Father and daughter, Jack and Danielle Masucci, use their careers to help the families of Brevard.

Family, whether by blood or by choice, is one of life’s greatest treasures. To have a group of people who will be there through the good and the bad, with whom to celebrate and cry, brings meaning and peace to everyday life. The Masucci family operates in this way, and both Jack and Danielle Masucci use their careers as the vehicle to help other families, to be an additional family member to those they serve.

Jack Masucci has owned Jack Masucci Jewelers for 22 years. In that time, he has experienced monumental moments in the lives of the families who have passed through his door.

“I’ve helped a lot of people, young and old, with their engagement rings and their family pieces … we’ve made vessels for the ashes of loved ones … we’ve had a lot of sad times and a lot of joy,” says Jack.

More than a jewelry store owner, he is a master goldsmith, and he prefers to help clients create custom pieces, perfectly designed, not only for the taste of the client or their loved one, but for the specific need at hand. Some clients are ready to propose and want a custom ring for their fiancé to be. Others are further along in life and are coming to him – sadly – to reimagine a piece of jewelry that once belonged to a loved one.

“Spouses will pass away and we will convert the wedding bands into a separate, new piece of jewelry for the other spouse,” says Jack. “We also started taking wedding bands – let’s say the husband died – and so I’ll take his band, take the wife’s band, and intertwine them, so that they are forever intertwined together.”

He reassures me that being in the custom jewelry business isn’t always sad. He can help take a family heirloom and turn it into something new, maybe turn a diamond ring into a pendant. He can also replace a stone or update a piece, and remember, many young couples are going to him to find the perfect ring with which to begin their own families. Many bring in photos from their Pinterest accounts as inspiration for a custom engagement ring, and so, Jack gets to see and be a part of every stage of a family journey.

“A lot of these people are my friends,” says Jack.

Danielle Masucci is an independent realtor, and she finds joy in helping families establish their roots here in Brevard, like hers did over 30 years ago. She offers a lot for the community that other agents don’t. For example, she offers special rates to educators, as she wants to give back to those who are educating the community.

“I went through the school system here and the community has given me so much, and I want to give back to the community,” says Danielle. “The deeper the roots, the stronger the community.”

She also gives families lifestyle tours of the different cities within our county. Palm Bay is much different than Satellite Beach, which is also much different than Melbourne or Viera. So, to help families feel more comfortable that they are making the right choice, she gives them tours of these communities, helping them to better understand the schools, the entertainment, the culture, and allows for families to choose where they want to live. Price point is of course one aspect of buying a home. The other is ensuring you love the community.

Danielle, like her father, has been around for many of the ups and downs in the lives of those who have come her way. She has helped families buy their first home, then helped relocate their parents. She has also returned to a client after a divorce or a death or with the addition of a new baby.

“It’s about relationship building,” says Danielle. “I am growing with the families.”

Jack and Danielle Masucci have made it a point to be there for families in times of sadness, and in times of celebration. They are sharing the love they have for this community and their family and extending it to the families of Brevard.

Danielle finishes with her and her father’s motto: “We want to know what the Masucci family can do for you.”