Transform your home – and your life – with state-of-the-art organizational systems designed for today’s busy homeowners

Story by karen hufford photography by Cathy Heinz

Closets. Kitchens. Bathrooms. Offices.

“Media Rooms. Garages … All of these spaces and more can benefit from in-home elements designed for organization and functionality, saving homeowners time and headaches.

“The most transforming aspect of good organization is the ability to find and use anything essential to your life in a moment’s notice,” says Joe Goldblatt, owner of RoomScapes of Brevard which operates a “Lifestyle Showroom” in Rockledge, allowing customers an interactive experience with the company’s top-quality services and products. “In today’s fast-paced world, the ability to find personal, business or household items when needed and where needed makes the day more efficient and  enjoyable for the entire family.”

Goldblatt points to three intersecting trends that make organization more important than ever in today’s homes. First, life in today’s homes tends to center around the kitchen area. Second, more homeowners are working from their homes. And third, there is a trend to downsize for practical or economic reasons.

“All of these lead to lifestyles that put more demands on having things segregated, but easily retrievable, so our multi-tasking needs don’t create clutter in the home and frustration in our activities,” he says.


Goldblatt encourages his clients to think through their storage needs at the beginning stages of the design process. “Whether it’s installing built-in cabinetry or creating free-standing furniture pieces, the functionality of the layout is equally as important as the design aesthetics,” he explains.

When it comes to kitchen storage options, the pull-out pantry is a great way to pack a lot of well-organized items in an easy-to-access space. Because all items are easily visible, it allows for convenience when gathering ingredients or making a shopping list. Deep drawers that pull out from behind cabinet doors are another popular option as they keep pots and pans securely stored and in clear view. Not to mention, there are also a number of customized storage systems for dishes, cutlery, spices, linens and more.

And it’s important to note that pull-out shelving is not limited to kitchens alone. For example, this type of organizational system can also be used to transform media rooms, housing audio and visual items, such as DVDs.

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Dressing rooms and/or closet spaces represent another area of the home in which the need for organizational systems is great. And for more complex projects, consulting a professional for proper space planning can help to maximize storage and display options.

Just ask Mary Jacobson of Satellite Beach. Upon bringing in Riitta Ylonen, ASID, NCIDQ, owner of Finn Design, Inc., to assist with renovations of her and her husband’s master bedroom, she once again turned to the expertise of Ylonen to transform her son’s old bedroom into an ultra-feminine dressing room. The result is a breathtaking, custom-designed space that maximizes storage and display for many items including clothes, shoes, purses and jewelry, not to mention space for a twin sleeper sofa and desk.

“The full wall length, wall-to-ceiling wardrobe has all mirrored doors outside with a couple of doors also mirrored inside for a 360-degree view,” says Ylonen, who specializes in interior design and custom cabinetry. “The designated shoe cabinets are finished with seeded glass so the shoes are visible. Some of Mary’s purses are displayed in glass cabinets on both sides of the desk, and additional display space is available above the wardrobe and other cabinets.”

With regard to organizational elements, Ylonen outfitted Jacobson’s dressing room with many great features, including adjustable glass shelves for shoe storage and a moveable island. The island features full-extension drawers for lingerie and other folding items, as well as drawers and pull-out cabinetry for jewelry.

“Mary has her own ‘girly’ space with enough room for everything she wished for,” says Ylonen. “The room turned out beautiful, comfortable and functional with a pleasing soft color palette and romantic fabrics. It looks like the room was meant to be as it is now.”

And Jacobson couldn’t be happier. “When I’m in this space, I feel like a little girl playing dress up. I love that there is a special place for everything,” she says. “It’s better than I imagined.”