Heller Cabinetry Designs and Supplies Custom Cabinets


This two tone design with light cabinets and a dark island defines the kitchen area and unifies the look.

Cabinets often influence the feel of an entire home but selecting the right kind to fit your lifestyle and taste can be unnerving. For over 13 years, Heller Cabinetry has been helping homeowners design high-end beautiful cabinetry for their home. A family owned custom cabinetry company serving Brevard and Indian River counties, Heller Cabinetry offers the highest quality materials and beautiful design. Their unique services cover both new construction and home remodels on any budget.

Heller offers complete cabinetry design and installation service for a huge variety of applications, including kitchens, bathrooms, home entertainment centers, home offices, craft rooms, outdoor spaces and also commercial projects.

By offering nine different cabinet lines including renowned American companies like Shiloh Cabinetry, Kabinart Cabinets, Bellmont Cabinets and Crystal Cabinets, they can suit any style, color or material.

One popular choice for homeowners is inset cabinetry. Inset doors and drawer headers are fitted inside the face frame in a specifically sized opening and fit flush with the frame, giving it a clean “furniture” look. “Because of the precision required for inset cabinets, there are unique tricks to designing it,” said Chris Leach, Design Specialist with Heller Cabinetry

“Two tone” color with light cabinets and a dark island is in style as well. Cabinetry that contrasts with surrounding colors defines the kitchen area and provides a focal point for open floor plans. Complementary colors in a countertop will unify the look. Alternatively, gray is often chosen as a “neutral.”

Doors with glass fronts add a roomy quality and allows for dinnerware to be displayed.

Doors with glass fronts add a roomy quality and allows for dinnerware to be displayed.

Stacked glass cabinetry and glass doors are gaining popularity. Doors with glass fronts add a roomy quality and break up the panels. This style adds an extra decorative touch as dinnerware can be displayed. Glass can assist in making small spaces look larger.

It doesn’t just stop at cabinets; Heller assists in the complete design process including countertops. Heller’s own granite shop is an added convenience for customers that is unique for a cabinet shop. Designers can personally walk through the selections and scheduling process for installation. Granite is an ideal choice for countertops because it is an extraordinarily hard stone, difficult to damage, generally impossible to scratch, heat resistant and durable. Another possibility is quartz. Quartz countertops are non-porous and four times stronger than granite. The look and colors vary so selecting based on the “look” is a matter of taste.

Heller’s showroom offers customers the opportunity to see and feel materials and working with the team of three in-house designers offers a personal experience for clients. The design process includes both visits to the showroom and the home (when possible) and popular design software so homeowners have a vision of the finished result. They also assist in coordinating flooring and even back splashes to round out the project.

“We’re here to help guide them through the entire process,” Chris said.

Heller Cabinetry is located at 395-A Stan Drive, Melbourne. Call (321) 729-9690 or visit to learn more.