Aiding Shelter Animals Project

Mahatma Gandhi said, “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” Brevard Aiding Shelter Animals Project, Inc. (ASAP) is hoping to further the progress in our area. The group began a year ago as a grassroots nonprofit to enhance the work of the two county run shelters. With four goals in mind- increasing adoptions, educating the community, enhance shelters and developing low or no cost spay/neuter programs- the group of committed volunteers began raising the funds and resources needed to make a difference in the lives of animals.

Brevard County continues to see a dramatic increase in the number of animals entering public animal shelters. Brevard ASAP’s goal is to improve facilities, programs and operations, increasing the chances that an animal will be adopted.

In existence for only a year, Brevard ASAP has worked with the North and South Animal Care Centers, holding off site adoption events and successfully arranging adoptions. The organization has also donated funds to the Space Coast Kibble Kitchen, which provides food for low-income families who would otherwise surrender their pet to the shelter.

In March, Brevard ASAP collaborated with the Suntree-Viera Pet Rescue Humane Society and created “Snip-A-Pit.” The program provides free spay/neutering for pit bull and pit bull mixes. Pit bulls often have a larger litter of 10 or more pups. 29% of all dogs in shelters are pit bulls and mixes. The first two dogs spayed as part of this program had already had 56 puppies in their lifetime. The program now has a waiting list and will continue with funds raised by donations and grants.

The organization is also committed to helping the county run shelters become No-Kill facilities. Volunteers run Brevard ASAP, many of who have their own full time jobs. They all share a passion to help animals in the community says Lacie Davis, executive director, “there are so many sad days- each of us can not adopt them all, which is why we need to educate the public.”