BreitWerks brings artisanal approach to Porsche rebuilding and restoration. 

Since 2014, BreitWerks in Suntree has approached Porsche engine rebuilding and restoration work with a combination of surgical precision, an artistic eye for detail, and a belief that these high-performance vehicles are like members of each client’s respective families, with individual personalities and unique needs. This highly-customized approach has grown a passionate client base among Florida families for whom Porsches are not a status symbol, but part of a family legacy. 

“We do a lot of father-son projects and are about to embark on our first mother-daughter rebuild,” said Jason Breitfeller, owner of BreitWerks, whose lifelong Porsche passion originated from his father. “People are becoming much more circumspect about which shop they use. Our sweet spot is in the classic Porsches, at least 10 years old, where a client brings it in saying they grew up with the car and it’s fallen into disrepair, but they want it to look like it did when it came out of the showroom in the 1970s or 1980s.” 

And with that, each rebuild begins. An average rebuild and restoration can take anywhere from six to 24 months to complete and costs range from $5,000 to $50,000. The time and money are an investment in quality, as Breitfeller’s background in aerospace and defense makes him a perfectionist in just about every aspect of the process. 

“Everything we do is by hand,” he explained. “I’ll spend hours on one part trying to restore it so it looks and operates as well as the original. Nothing is painted; it’s all bare metal that’s made to look like new again.”

Once the engine is restored to glory, the cars — all christened by Breitfeller and his apprentice, Jackson, at the beginning and carry their names with them throughout the restoration process — get gorgeous on the outside as well. Working with Platinum Werks Collison Center of Melbourne, the paint and body work for each BreitWerks car is done to perfection. Similarly, all of BreitWerks vendor-partners are nationally and internationally renowned experts in their areas. 

“All of the machine work gets shipped to guys who’ve been doing this type of stuff since before I was born,” Breitfeller said. “For things we can’t do in our shop, we work with shops in Arizona, California, Washington and Toronto. We work across North America to ensure our clients get the best service possible.” 

The end result is a car given a new lease on life and a growing list of clients committed to the BreitWerks approach. In the last five years, the shop has grown from 1,000 square feet to 3,000 square feet of space for the engine assembly area; the Porsches in various stages of restoration, and their respective parts stored meticulously in a locker-style area dedicated to each named car. Breitfeller — who runs the shop along with his wife, Kate, and two sons — acknowledged the work is a labor of love. 

“If I wasn’t working on clients’ cars, I’d be endlessly working on my own,” he admitted. “As long as BreitWerks funds itself, I’m happy to do this work because it’s my passion. “This isn’t a profit-driven business. I try to make each car like a piece of artwork again.”