Dr. Sadesh Kumar


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There is no greater signature of self-worth and confidence than a healthy, well-proportioned smile. Diverse facial features contribute to defining beauty, but without the fitting smile, real beauty is significantly diluted. The smile, an often underestimated pocket of power, has magnetic qualities, turns heads, influences optimism and reflects esteem in the mirror. Possessing one bespeaks success and has been counted as the single-most valuable tool in acquiring and retaining a rewarding business position.

Very few people are born with a flawless dentition, but today the dental profession is equipped with all of the tools to create a spectacular smile for every face. There are several gentle options for whitening teeth or for aesthetically maintaining natural smiles, but with the evolution of dental implant therapies and digital smile design, entire arches of teeth can be replaced in as little as three visits to the dentist.

Woman Smiling

Testimonials from women and men of all ages attest to the life-changing impact of transforming a broken smile into a sparkling, alluring and dashingly healthy one. Psychologically, acquiring a smile can be a transfiguration, energizing the spirit and opening doors to newfound self-assurance. Physically though, the benefits of a healthy smile are infinite. Maintaining healthy bone in the mouth significantly affects one’s profile, therefore supporting anti-aging more profoundly than anything that comes in a jar or from an injectable. With diligent dental maintenance, smiles do not age and can be the most viable cling to youth available to mankind. Often, they are the best substitute for a face lift.

Smiles have a way of speaking to the world without saying a single word.  

And smiles can be detected even without visible contact. They are strong enough to be heard in a phone conversation, as ownership of a vibrant one elevates personal charisma enough to be detected in the voice. It is the mysterious, magical, unspoken quality that has no challenger. 

Dr. Sadesh Kumar, who has a welcoming smile of his own, understands the profound effect a great smile can have in a person’s life. He has dedicated his professional life to acquiring the knowledge and skills required to provide patients with smiles that are not only pristinely healthy, but are suited to each individual patient’s face, personality and expectation. 

Close up of woman smilingThe old and feared fable that a visit to the dentist meant nasty pain and no reward is no longer valid. Dental professionals have non-invasive solutions, quick fixes and futuristic technology involving computers, robots and reliable results that make mega-statements. Dentistry is on pace with all medicine to provide solutions that align with “Avatar.” In fact, ask your dentist about “Avadent!”

The New Year signals resolutions of all kinds, often pertaining to health and beauty, with the goal of finding a pathway to a better you. Consider a dental consultation and a treatment plan for a smile that will take off 20-plus years, erase some wrinkles, put a “tiger in your tank” and make you the best self, and selfie, you can be. ◆