Now that the question has been popped, where should your wedding planning begin? The dress, of course! It sets the tone of the wedding; it can determine a venue, inspire a theme and make a lady the show-stopping woman of the evening. While there are plenty of options when shopping for the dress, L.A. Bridal takes a different approach to the shopping experience.

A concierge facilitating your bridal experience is what every bride deserves. The shopping experience is about the memories created while shopping with your mom, mother-in-law, family and closest friends.

Most brides peruse the pages of bridal magazines as they long to see themselves in these luxurious dresses. It all seems easy until they enter the first bridal salon and are overwhelmed with choices, cuts and fabrics. A consultant is necessary to ease the bride’s stress level and create a calm environment conducive to making a sound decision on the biggest dress purchase of her life. A consultant does not make your decision for you; they lead you in the right direction to make the decision for yourself.

A knowledgeable staff was just the beginning — an ambience of elegance is necessary to ensure the total package. A bride needs to feel she is the only one in a room surrounded by sheer sophistication. The bridal experience is not just the dress; it is everything from your consultant to your surroundings. These are the memories that brides take with them long after their big day. Every bride deserves this and should get what she pays for.

When I decided to follow my dream of opening a bridal salon in Viera, I drew upon the experiences that I shared with my three sisters shopping for one another’s bridal gowns. Something was lacking in the experience of shopping, and that ignited the inspiration to start a boutique bridal salon that catered to the “bridal experience” – not just the gown purchase.

L.A. Bridal recognizes that Melbourne and Viera continue to grow and evolve in fashion. Its brides are becoming more fashion forward and are looking for wedding dresses with traditional looks, but modern twists that incorporate a fresh and youthful sense of style.

I am no stranger to fashion and drew upon my vast experience in the industry to select not only fashion-forward gowns, but quality fabrics. I studied fashion merchandising, textiles and consumer sciences at Florida State University, thus beginning a love for elegant fabrics and quality textiles. I couldn’t be happier to now pass this experience on to all of the L.A. brides!

Submitted by Lindsay Blagriff Clark, owner/consultant at L.A. Bridal. 2261 Town Center Avenue, Suite 117, Viera. (321) 373-1002.