My life as an actress/model is an adventure. Many times I don’t know what I am going to be doing or even who or what the commercial or ad is exactly for. Once, very early on – I think it was my second commercial, I got booked as a “reporter at a press conference.” I had no idea when I got there who I would be interviewing or if I would even be interviewing anyone at all. When I arrived at the shoot I sat in the holding room with the other “reporters.” The art director ended up coming in and telling us we would be interviewing Mark Martin, the race car driver. It was such a fun shoot. At one point I was asked to stand up and make him laugh, but he ended up telling us some really funny stories about racing.

Another thing people would probably be surprised to know is even though it’s beautiful in the summer in Florida, most of the swimsuit and pool commercials shoot in the winter here. I have shot multiple swimsuit shoots in 40-degree weather. We have three cold days a year here, but wouldn’t you know it, those are the days you seem to shoot those commercials. The models are all wrapped up in multiple layers of clothing with hand warmers. Then, when the photographer is ready to shoot, you have to hide all your warm clothes, think really warm thoughts and try not to look like you are FREEZING!

It’s so much fun to get to act and model. I have done so many things and visited so many places that I would never have done or visited in real life. I’ve played bubble ball soccer, gone tubing,
boating, bowling, wine tasting, played on a soccer team, done cross fit, been the mom to a ton of different kids, got slimed at Nickelodeon’s hotel, shot a movie scene inside the giant Universal ball, shot at almost every major theme park and theme park hotel in the Orlando area, rode on water slides, been the hand model stand-in for the lead in a commercial. I have done so many crazy fun things it’s hard to remember all of them.

I’ve done a lot of films too; I really like film and television acting. It is much different than most commercial acting. I started taking classes several years ago with Jonathan McFadden at Prodigy Talent Training. The classes really prepared me for film and television. I have 14 credits on IMDB and the list keeps growing.

My advice to anyone who is interested in the industry is to just have fun with it. You can’t let all the rejection get to you and you can’t take it so seriously. When you are having fun and really enjoy what you do, it shows. You also can’t stress about the final outcome of a commercial or film. I had a speaking role in Sharknado 3, but unfortunately that scene got cut. I still got credit for it though, and it was an amazing experience.