They say April showers bring May flowers, and if that is the case, then we hope Zinnias make a grand appearance. Zinnias, which are native to Mexico, can tolerate most of Florida’s summer sun, until about August. Zinnias also are quick bloomers, supplying big, bright and bold flowers that will attract a variety of admirers, including butterflies.

Zinnias come in many different varieties, and can be used in a number of ways. From mini to giant, to almost every color, you are bound to find the right Zinnia for your gardening needs.  When planting make sure to find a spot that receives six hours of direct sunlight and has fertile, well drained soil. Once you find that perfect spot, relax, Zinnias are an easy to grow, easy to maintain annual. If you plant them once, you’ll definitely go back for more the next year.

Add a burst of color

Zinnias bright colors can add a pop to some otherwise dull areas in your garden; here are some ideas for making your garden a little brighter.

Where to Plant
Along a fence Zinnias will stand out against that dull fence. They work best along short white fences, which accentuate the beautiful colors.
In front of a window Want to make a window in your house a little more interesting? Zinnias offer a great eye catching addition under a window.
That bare wall outside Prop an old wooden gate against the bare wall, and plant a variety of Zinnias in front of it, adding a whole new dimension to your space.
A white pot Zinnias grow great from seedlings, and can be transported easily into pots.
Along the pool Since most pool areas are in the open, growing Zinnias along a pool fence or gate would make the area more inviting.
Around the bird feeder Zinnias not only attract butterflies, but they also attract birds. Just be careful to not plant too much so that pesky feline can’t hide and attack!

From the expert:

“Zinnias prefer 6-8 hours of sun, and are great to plant in the early spring and last until August. Replant in mid September and enjoy Zinnias up until the first frost. Zinnias prefer just the right amount of water, overwatering or under-watering will stress them out. The Zinnia Profusion species are more tolerant to the southern climate, and come in colors such as orange, pink and yellow.”

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