So you’ve discovered a new community to build or buy your dream home, or perhaps your passion is getting out and driving your car or new boat, or maybe the pure enjoyment and pride that you feel every day in being able to go to work at the business that you have created. All of the above are definitely dreams come true for most people, but please do not forget one of the most important steps in being able to really enjoy all of these assets, protecting their value.
NuVantage Insurance, located in Melbourne, was founded with one main principle, outstanding customer service. The most important aspect of that service is getting our clients the best insurance coverage at the absolute best possible price.
Getting you proper insurance coverage is a very detailed and dynamic process, but NuVantage takes the time necessary to understand your needs. Proper coverage is vital; either too much or too little and they are not providing you with that outstanding customer service they strive for.
NuVantage Insurance takes customer service a step further by truly educating our clients. Do you know how your roof is attached to the walls of your home? Do you know what size nails were used to secure your roof decking and covering? Does your roof meet the most recent building code for withstanding hurricane force winds? If you answered “no” to any of the above questions, NuVantage suggests you consider getting a “Windstorm Mitigation Inspection.” You might qualify for premium credits on your homeowner’s insurance policy. NuVantage can assist you in contacting a windstorm mitigation inspection company licensed and approved by the state of Florida, and then look for those discounts in your policy. That’s the kind of proactive service you can expect from them.
NuVantage believes that an educated client is more confident in assessing NuVantage’s recommendations and will also feel more secure in their insurance decisions. Your agent shops vast resources (they have access to over 100 top insurance carriers) to continually find and offer you the best possible coverages. You will have access to the most current insurance products available, and can be provided comprehensive coverage for all your personal and commercial insurance needs including Home, Auto, Boat and Business.
Through hard work and dedication to its clients, NuVantage Insurance has grown tremendously over the past three years (they have approximately 6,000 clients in Brevard County); they are actually one of the fastest growing agencies in the area. NuVantage, for all of your home, auto, business and boat insurance needs; they truly are the local experts for all of your insurance needs.

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