As the temperatures begin to drop — or as is the case with Florida, the humidity — changing your hair routine becomes increasingly more important.

Like with our skin, the subtle changes in temperature have dramatic effects on our hair, so knowing how to change up your routine for the winter months is important.

Rose Cally, Owner of Sorelli Hair Studio & Spa, emphasized this point, and shared that she is a big believer in masks, conditioning treatments and getting your hair cut regularly. “Regularly” meaning every six to eight weeks, or more for those with short hair. For Cally, keeping your hair moisturized is the key.

Cally advised that you not leave the house with your hair wet when it’s cold, and to use warm instead of hot water. According to research found in Glamour, cold water helps the hair follicle stay sealed, whereas hot water causes the follicle to open. Once this follicle is opened, hair frizzes.

Cally also advised that you shampoo your hair every other day during the winter vs. every day. This is because shampooing every day can strip your hair of its natural oils, which are essential during the winter months. She also stated that sulfate-free shampoos will help keep your hair healthy during the winter.

She also emphasized not using heat as often such as blow dryers and flat irons. According to SELF, using too much heat can be damaging to your hair, as it can remove moisture that your hair needs and leads to breakage and split ends.  “A cool air humidifier definitely helps your hair from drying out,” Cally says. “And again moisture, moisture, moisture. [Hair] dries out like your skin in winter.” She recommended Goldwell products for happy and healthy hair. Cally says the Goldwell hair masks work amazing and you only have to leave them on for 60 seconds. They leave your hair feeling silky and shiny after. Cally also recommended using argan oil to keep your hair hydrated.

It is important to take care of your hair, as failure to do so can lead to irritation and damage. Do your research and seek out a professional for recommendations on products and routines. Although it is easy enough to buy cheap hair products at your local supermarket, your hairstylist is licensed and will know what is best to use in your hair. So, do yourself a favor and invest in quality hair products. Your hair is worth it.

Rose Cally is a licensed hairstylist and co-owner of Sorelli Hair Studio & Spa.