All I want for Christmas is to wear leopard, lace and luscious red jumpsuits.

Those are just some of the elegant styles to embrace this holiday season.

Before Christmas day, there are work parties to attend, Christmas get togethers, gingerbread building contests and endless possibilities to dress your best. But, after a long holiday season of dressing up, comfort is key on Christmas day.

Photography by Harmony Lynn Goodson
Photography by Harmony Lynn Goodson

Enter: the long pant jumpsuit. Once you try a fitted jumpsuit in a seasonal color, there’s no turning back. Red will always be associated with Christmas time. I mean, Santa wears a bold red Christmas suit for goodness sake, so we can, too!

It’s fun to play with trends during the winter season. In case you haven’t heard, leopard is back. From dresses to headbands and shoes, your inner cheetah girl is made to shine! While I love incorporating new prints, I prefer leopard in small doses. Accessories like loafers, block heels, clutches and statement earrings are the perfect way to add hints of leopard into a holiday look without feeling like the twin of a wild animal. If you are feeling spunky, try a leopard dress or blouse.

When it comes to embracing colors during the holidays, I like to stick to a non-traditional palate. Instead of gravitating towards dark winter hues, go for more feminine colors like pink, red, burgundy, gold, white and cream. Pink and burgundy are in the same color family and make for a surprisingly stylish combo. Since we experience a very mild winter in Florida, the most practical way is to invest in pieces you can style all year like a strappy lace midi dress or a bold colored jumpsuit.

If you’re on a budget after too much Christmas shopping, I would highly recommend Rent the Runway. It’s an online website that allows you to rent designer dresses and accessories for a budget friendly price. In college, I was a brand ambassador for the company and fell in love with its mission. I mean, what girl doesn’t want to wear a designer piece without the hefty price tag to a gala or wedding?! In fact, you can rent a similar red jumpsuit like the one I’m wearing for under $30 for four days. You are able to choose one to two styles and rent them for four or eight days. Prices run anywhere from $30-$200 depending on the designer.

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