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You Know… Dad Would Love a New Rolex *Hint Hint*

The first thing you’ll notice is that Kempf’s only sells one brand of watch. That is not an accident. The Kempf family has a long history of quality, service and style. When only the best will do, locals know where to go. If you’re going to buy that special watch for dad, you need to know you can trust the seller. Check. With a timepiece like Rolex, you need to know you’re talking to one of only about 450 authorized sellers nationwide. Check. Next, you need a Rolex dealer who knows and appreciates the Rolexes they offer and can guide you through the process. Check. We spoke with owner Jason Kempf, the head of their Rolex program, and Rhett Boyd who loves these watches and their history.

There are a couple of qualifying questions to get you started. Is Dad an active guy? Will this new watch see a lot of time in or near the water? How about underwater? Start with the Rolex Submariner. Probably the most iconic and regularly seen Rolex, the Submariner will take anything you can dish out with style and panache. Boyd says, “To most people, if you say, ‘close your eyes and imagine a wristwatch,’ that’s the watch that comes to mind.” Add a 

color bezel, maybe a gold/stainless bracelet, or stick to the more traditional all-stainless design. Boyd adds, “The Rolex Datejust is also equally iconic, with the classic Jubilee bracelet. It’s the perfect mix of sporty but elegant all at the same time. It was also the first wristwatch to have the date aperture, so there’s a lot of real cool history behind it. Stainless steel is always a good starting point, but if a person loves gold, we can help them move in that direction too, or platinum.” Kempf’s offers a variety of payment options as well as an annual trade-in event.

Is Dad more at home in a suit and Italian loafers? Look at the Rolex Cellini collection which “combines classicism with the eternal elegance of traditional timepieces,” according to Rolex. “The Cellini is the classic dress line and in the last two years, Rolex has reinvigorated it,” says Kempf. “They are completely automatic watches made in precious metals only. They come on elegant alligator watch bracelets. They’re beautiful. Just stunning. Some are equipped with day/night indicators, some withs dual time zones. They are truly a gentleman’s dress watch.”

The point is Rolex runs the gamut from simple stainless steel classic designs like the new 40mm Air King to a solid gold or platinum Daytona Chronometer or President Day/Date, to an elegant Cellini dress watch. You are only limited by your imagination and budget. Kempf says, tt“That’s the beauty of a Rolex: you know they look great in board shorts or in the board room.”

Lastly, we Dads really just appreciate the thought. Kempf says, “Anything that is picked out as a gift, as long as it’s not worn, can be exchanged. The gentleman can come in after the surprise and try on different Rolexes.” Sounds like a plan.

Kempf’s Designers of Fine Jewelry

336 5th Ave., Indialantic, FL 32903

(321) 724-5820