Providing a single point in the community where parents of children with disabilities can find help.

The Holz Foundation is a faith-based charitable organization created for, and dedicated to “Fulfilling the Great Commission;” helping those who need help most across the world. The foundation maintains 100 percent transparency to ensure that they are “true to our words, convictions and cause.”

The foundation currently funds existing and new therapy clinics and other institutions that advocate for and assist children with developmental delays. According to the foundation, the goal is to release these children from their spiritual, physical and social struggles, enabling them to become responsible and fulfilled adults.

James Holz and his wife, Pam, launched the Holz Foundation in 2015; it’s entirely self- funded. Holz, a former Wall Street trader, moved to Florida to pursue a legal career. For the past five years, the couple has been putting the puzzle of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) education, resources and financial support together one piece at a time. The foundation is currently associated with Puzzle Box Academy, Kaleidoscope Interventions, and Willow School in Orlando. The new Holz Center in Melbourne is the latest piece of that puzzle.

Currently, the foundation is funding the development of the Holz Center, which opens this month in Melbourne. The center, located at 125 E. Nasa Blvd, Melbourne (the former location of Southern Photo), will serve as a community hub for families seeking information for children with developmental delays or physical challenges. The primary goal of the center will be to provide a single-source location for parents with children who have developmental delays or physical challenges to identify the different programs available in Brevard. Additionally, the center will provide a large teaching room for a variety of social and community education programs (non-profits will be allowed to schedule the space for education purposes), and a private, adjoining room for trained behavioral and medical professionals to use for evaluation and behavioral diagnosis.

The Holz Center has been designed to help children and adults, offering a variety of resources for children with diverse special needs, including ADD, mental disabilities and physical disabilities. It will also provide daily on-site therapy for children with developmental delays. The center’s goal is to help unify and strengthen the community so that no one feels alone in their challenge of raising a child with developmental delays. It will also benefit from the very-personalized Holz touch, with the end goal of raising awareness, helping children and touching lives.

James Holz and his wife, Pam, also founded the Puzzle Box Academy, which features comprehensive, individualized education to Brevard County children with autism and other developmental delays. The Holz Foundation sponsored over $225,000 in scholarships for children attending Puzzle Box Academy for the 2016-17 school year. These sponsorships allow children to receive specialized education, as well as tailored therapeutic services.

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