Your house is your most valuable asset. You work hard to make it your own leaving your signature touch on every part of it. It is the place where lifetime memories are made. Where laughter and tears are shared. Simply put, your house is more than just a dwelling space. It is your home, your sanctuary.

Burton Homes in Melbourne, FL knows this well. We specialize in creating Melbourne Fl custom homes that enhance your quality of life and provide you with the opportunity to create those lasting memories.

We want to help protect all that you have put into your home by giving you tips on keeping it safe. In 2012, an estimated 365, 000 home fires were reported resulting in 5.7 billion dollars worth of damage.

There are several causes for home fires: electrical, structural, and appliance fires to name a few. In fact, The National Fire Protection Agency NFPA, reports that in 2010 16, 800 home structure fires resulting from clothes washers and dryers. While this number may seem small the damage that can be done is nothing short of deadly.

Doing the laundry is something that most of us tackle on an almost daily basis. We often take for granted the power of the machines and don’t think about the potential hazards that can arise from misuse or proper installation. So what can you do to make sure that you don’t become a fire statistic?

Make Sure Your Washer and Dryer are Installed by a Professional

It may seem easy enough to install your washer and dryer yourself. However, these are powerful machines and when they are not properly connected can result in a fire hazard. Play it safe and contact a licensed electrician for help.

Plug the Washer and Dryer Directly into the Outlet

This one seems simple enough but needs to be said. Extension cords have their place but not connected to major appliances. If your washer or dryer is just out of reach of the nearest outlet move it. It is always best to play it safe when it comes to electricity.

Check Cords and Plugs for Damage

Frayed and damaged wires or cords are an electrical fire waiting to happen. Check your washer and dryer and all other appliances to ensure their parts are in working order. If you see a problem call an electrician. Don’t be tempted to use electrical tape for a short-term fix.

Remove Lint from the Filter and Drum

Lint is extremely flammable and is the number one cause of dryer fires. When it builds up in the filter or drum it can reduce airflow and cause and this can cause a fire. Make sure your filter and drum are clean and be sure airflow is not restricted on the vent flap outside.

If you notice your dryer is taking longer to do its job take a few moments and check for lint build up.

Follow the Manufacturer’s Instructions

Don’t try and get the job done quicker by putting too many items in your dryer. Be sure that the appliance is plugged into the correct outlet. If your washer or dryer has specific needs set forth by the manufacturer then be sure to follow their instructions.

Don’t Leave the Dryer Running When You Aren’t There

It is easy to drop a load in the dryer and head off to run errands or go to work but this is not wise. The same holds true for bedtime. If you are not going to be awake or around while your dryer is running it is best to wait.

Laundry is a necessity of life. We have to get it done and there is no getting around it. However, don’t let your washer or dryer result in a devastating home fire. Make sure these appliances are in working order and that lint is always removed before use. These small steps can lead to peace of mind…and clean clothes.